Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hi Everybody,

I has been assigned by the President to handle the above event this coming Sunday as he may be overseas for an assignment.

I attended the meeting with FTAAA last Saturday as part of the Joint Organizing Committee to finalize the timetable etc and would like to update all of you. Please forward this mail to whom it may concern.

As at last Saturday we have 189 teams registered;
A - Men Open - 46 teams (cap at 50 teams)
B - Men Veteran - 22 teams (cap at 25 teams)
C - Women OPen - 18 teams (closed)
D - Women Veterans - 6 teams (closed)
E - Boys Junior (U 15) - 17 teams (cap at 20 teams)
F - Boys Senior (U 18) - 43 teams (cap at 50 teams)
G - Girls Junior (U 15) - 15 teams (closed)
H - Girls Senior (U 18) - 11 teams (closed)
J - Men Senior Veterans - 10 teams (cap at 15 teams)

FTAAA will continue to accept entries till 216 teams. However, the women and girls categories are already closed (no more vests).; ie only the men and boys categories ares till open subject to individual category capping as indicated above. All in all the club has 32 teams including the Area Group Teams.

Category A, B, D, H & J
Reporting time - 6.30am onwards
Briefing time 7.30am sharp
Flag off - 8.00am sharp

Category C, E, F & G.
Reporting Time - 7.45am onwards
Briefing time - 8.45am sharp
Flag off - 9.15am sharp.

Please take note of the above and adhere to the time. All 4 members of the team must be present for reporting. Runners are advised to come in early as we notice a very chaotic situation in the past when the teams cannot report as one or two runners are not around. Agree on the meeting place and the most logical place is at the PACM base situated besides adidas boot at the top of the spectators' gallery facing the 100m finish line.

For those not familiar with the venue, please go there on Sat, enter via Gate C to the parking. We get calls on Sunday morning last year asking for direction. I be there on Sat about 3.00pm onwards to see that the venue is properly set up.

Attire - option to wear club's yellow vests or event vest. Wear the club's yellow T-shirt after the run for prize giving ceremony.

Substitutions - We hope no substitution is necessary on the day as the captains were told to submit the final list only this week by Wed or Thursday. Should there be substitution, the substitute runner need to submit a photocopy I/C and a form need to be filled up (additional paper work on a chaotic morning......)

Group Leaders - please bring your area group banner to put at the various spot around the venue.

Duties of Exco & Volunteers
Prize Giving (from 10.00am onwards or upon the end of the run) - Wan YL, Foo Sook Ying, Jenny Lee & SH Tan
Team Photography - Law Lai Huat, Yoke Fong and Goh See Kwong
Action Picture / Prize Gving - Chan WK & CS Wong.
Video - Ang Chee Kiang and Ken Kan
PACM Base (recruitment , sale of botle water) - Jenny Leong, Phoon, Francis , Sonny Ng, Lisa and Chan PK. (Note - some members of the Exco are running, they man the PACM Base after or before their run, we could still make do with a few more helpers)

Breakfast for helpers - Sook Ying

Parasols - whoever having the club's parasols - please bring them for the base otherwise we be in the sun the whole morning

Riding on this email on some matters Club Merchandize - we have some New Balance shorts, new Blue Club Polo T-shirts for sale. Please order from Francis Toh.

Track Meet 24 July -
group leaders are to start organizing their teams.

Tekam Plantation Fruit Manai Breakfast Run 30/31 July -
40 chalets, first come first serve - book with Francis Toh.

brought 2u by Wan Yew Leong

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