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Pacemakers Anniversary Run - Auto Update

Pls read dis post everyday until friday nite, coz i'll be updating der blog whenever i get der latest news. There will be no other posts except dis one. Thanks.

Looks like everything is a go for Der_Pacemaker's Anniversary Run this SATURDAY (June 4th). The details and itinerary once again are as follows:

Event Title: Der_Pacemaker's 1st Anniversary Run
Date: 4th June 2005
Venue: KLCC Park (starting @ 700m mark)

Intisari Rancangan:
6:00.25am - arrival of volunteers.
6:15.41am - flag off volunteers categories.
6:45.11am - arrival of runners.
6:59.45am - speech by VVIP Datuk PM1
7:00.00am - reporting for all categories n collect ur goodie bag from pm21.
7:10.23am - expected finishing volunteers categories.
7:20.54am - stretching session by Der_Dr. On-site modelling and stretching demo available on request to be led by Der_ShyGuy aka PM26
7:25.20am - mega photo session for all runners. Reminder: Pls wear the Redtone T-Shirt
7:30.45am - flag off all categories. Witness the intense battle as other runners will try to topple the top seed PM8
8:15.33am - expected 1st runner to cross der finishing line.
9:15.01am - race officially close. Traffic police will be withdrawn from duties
9:20.30am - prize giving plus another mega photo session. Reminder: Pls wear the Redtone T-Shirt
9:40.55am - breakfast at nearest mamak stall (sendiri bayar) and mini
photo session. Reminder: Pls don't be in the nude
11:00.00am - end of event.

Runners can wear their running vests during the run but are to wear the Redtone T-Shirts during the mega photo sessions.

List of runners: Confirmed Participants
01 - Ronnie See PM1 - [PAID]
02 - Mohd Yaziz PM7 - [PAID]
03 - Jantzen Tey PM22 - [PAID]
04 - Dr Jamie Pang PM5 - [PAID]
05 - Ajeep PM26 - [PAID]
06 - Justin Lee PM19 - [PAID]
07 - Thorsten Chen PM8 - [PAID]
08 - Ryan Teoh PM17 - [PAID]
19 - Kenneth Teh PM20 - [PAID]
10 - Kenny Tan PM27 - [PAID]
11 - Michael Ng (non-PM)- [PAID]
12 - Kevin Chow (non-PM) - [PAID]
13 - Joviet Sim PM25 - [PAID]
14 - Rohaizad (non-PM) - [PAID]
15 - Newton Yap PM18 - [PAID]
16 - Jason Lim PM23 - [PAID]
17 - Jack Toh PM14 - [PAID]
18 - Jessica Tang - [PAID]
19 - William Chan - [PAID]
20 - Kelvin Ng PM2 - [PAID]
21 - Tomoko Kurahasi - [PAID]
22 - Hoo Ching Cheong - [PAID]
23 - Hoo Ching Tai - [PAID]
24 - Kenny Choo - [PAID]
25 - John Tan - [PAID]
26 - Yap Wai Mun - [PAID]
27 - Tan Khee Meng P2 - [PAID]
28 - Howard Oh
29 - Tan Chee Wee P11
30 - Rachel Lee PM21 - [PAID]

31 - Kor Boon Kien
32 - Khoo Yit Kiat

Late Registration
Whoever register after der closing date, they are not entitled for der challenge trophy or medal. Altho he finish as the champion, he is still not qualified for der challenge trophy. Sorry for d inconvinience caused, rule is rule.

Der_Pacemaker Team would like to thank the following sponsors and volunteers, without whom this event would not have been a reality.

Redtone - T-shirt for runners

NatLink Sdn Bhd - Heel Balm Sachet n T-shirt for volunteers
Mohd Yaziz @ PM7 - Challenge Trophy
Chin @ - Funds
Ah Beh @ PM11 - 100 Plus
Vincent Wong @ PM10 - Funds
Rohaizad @ - Funds
Thomas Ng @ PM6 - Funds
Newton Yap @ PM18 - Bananas

Chen Keat Hoong @ PM8 - Funds

1 - Rachel Lee PM21
2 - Adam Loh
3 - Woof Woof
4 - Ronnie See PM1
5 - Ryan Teoh Pm17
6 - Justin Lee PM19
7 - Jantzen Tey PM22

Champion Trophy:
1st - 3rd placing only.

Powerman Pewter Medal:
4th - 6th placing only.

Finishes Trophys:
2nd - 32nd placing.

Important Notification:
1. Justin der PM19's car will be used as the luggage area.
2. Car park will be opened from 6 AM.

3. Toilets are accessible and can be used anytime during the race.

Check Point:
There wil be no short cut, all parts of der course are covered tight by der volunteers.

Volunteers Location:
0700m mark - Starting Point n loop count by PM1 n PM21 in charge.
0950m mark - Justin Lee marking runners loops.
1200m mark - Tey Eng Tiong taking photos of runners.
0100m mark - Water station in charge by Adam Loh.
0150m mark - Rubbish disposal in charge by Ryan Teoh
0400m mark - Woofy woof taking photos of runnres.

Der Seeded Runners:

Runners name listed below will be standing in der front grid.

1st - Chen Keat Hoong (Top Seeded)

2nd - Toh Wai Kuen
3rd - William Chan
4th - Justin Lee
5th - Kenny Tan
6th - John Tan
7th - Tomoko Kurahashi
8th - Jason Learn to PR!


brought 2u by pm1

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