Monday, June 06, 2005

PAR Report By Jason Lim PM23

This was the race organised by a group of runners for runners. The participants comprising not only the Pacemakers but also outsiders. The events started with a group photo session and the actual race started at 7.31am. We were flagged of by our VIP, PM 7, Yaziz.

This was a 8-lap run on the KLCC Park. The distance for each lap is 1.3km. At every important sections, there were race marshals taking care of the race. The attendance for the race was 100% comprising volunters and runners. I started the race with the first lap tiing of 6 min 3sec. This was considered my fastest timing per lap for the KLCC Park. Then for the other laps my timingsplit drops to approxiately 7 min per lap. After running 3 laps my timing was approximately 20 min. My timing after 4 laps was approximately 28 min. My timing for 5 laps was 36 min. By the 6th lap, my timing was 44 min. Entering the 7th lap my timing was approximately 51 min. I finished my race with a timing of 57 min 25 sec, a personal record for me. My last personal record was 1 hr 1 min 57 sec in 22nd position.

Overall the race was well organised with water provided to runners after 3 laps of running. There were volunteers counting the loops runners had covered and taking the time of the runners. On average for every kilometre my timing was 5 min 31 sec. Each runners received trophies for their effort in completing the race.

Brought 2u by pm23


Click der link below for PAR pitures which was taken by Woofy Woof @ PM31 (Happy Browsing Ya!)

PAR in Action!

woof woof!

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