Monday, June 27, 2005

PM22 85% race in Subang Jaya 10km

My first medal in 10km run

I would like to share my experience in Subang Jaya 10km run.May be it is normal,but some runners was surprised with my performance recently.

I have plan 7 sunday race,mainly is focus on Melaka full,for 10km run like Subang Jaya,I just use to test my feeling of pacing,as I inexperience in race without distance mark,it was tough to adjust..except u can driving to know exactly the mark of distance before the race.

During race eve,I have a happy dinner and tong sui with my Master Chen and family,he boost myself confidence,even I don't care for medal,cause 10km is not my favourite event.

As past experience,I always sleepless ,so this race plan on bed at 10.30pm,wake up 5am,even 5.10am raining for about nice weather to continue sleep,but force myself,ate 2 BEE POLLEN and one class water.

I arrived MPSJ ,then quickly put my reporting card,after chat with pm1 couple,I put my bag in luggage centre ,avoid COPS run case happen,where I long Q at luggage centre..wasting time and no warm up.

After that,I met with Phyllis,Kenneth,Dr,Rohaizad,Lisar,many....we all slow run as warm up.

I have no special plan at all before the race,only focus keep my pace and continue,but sure no speed like friendly race in TTDI with Master Chen.

While waiting at the centre pack,I manage gosip with PM2,my friends from Kepong :seok jiun(sj),her sister seok ling,and others.May be this also less our tension and pressure.

When heard the shot gun,I press my watch for start the timing,but at the centre pack,it is not a good idea,walk slow,run slow,so I quickly decide to turn right,wah...I heard Dr and MeiMei said me crazy liao,then pass Jason Lim who enjoy running with MP3,he surprise me said:Wah,so fast ah !!

But honestly I just keep larger pace with no feeling of speed,this is from what I train at TTDI n learn from Master,what is speed,I just keep this momentum and continue on.

It is difficult for me,cause don know what is my pace per km,just keep this feeling pace run,about 20minutes,TTDI malay good runner pass me,I only said hi to him,he said no run at sj10km..wah...but his number is 800plus,last minute entry.

Met Adam at about 5 to 6km..don't know it is correct or not,we pace each other until few hundred meter before turn left at summit.

I have no rush and pia with him,just let him go and saw his buntut only,but I manage to potong orang sayur also,one of them is Wong from Klang,good friend also gua no said hi,hehehe !

After turn to shop house,I felt still fresh,can speed if I intend for timing,but also just keep my same pacing,after reach MPSJ U turn,I am sure got medal kc...but also over happy.

My finishing time is 45:57,my first ever in 10km race,also my 10km PR.

I only manage to snap 2 photos,one is pm20 and one is Phyllis,then deliver some relay photos and chat to running friends,then toward justin house to give him a surprise birthday celebration.

We enjoy the food ,tq justin !

Below is my analysis for my race and some view to share:

1.I train about 15km to 24km from monday to wednesday ,then rest kau-kau 3 days !

2.TTDI lake track is good for me,cause hilly ,one lap is about 2.2km,it train my muscle more endurance and more fit.

3.Have nice sleep before race,no pressure !

4.My daily meal also change a lot recently ,cause I no take supper,dinner normally no meat.No spicy avoid body uncomfortable.

5.BEE POLLEN also help me a lot,cause it can help recover my tire and energy I lost in training.

6.Have a good warm up before the race.

7.Mention I use 85%,may be is 70%-80%,kena KNN knn kau-kau lat,cause he aim me as his target.But it is my rule,don pia all out,enjoy the race and avoid any risk ,INJURY FREE ...most important for me,cause I have many race coming too n want to run forever !!

8.Drink herbal tea (pahit)often,to protect my body from fever,cough,cause weather recently is not good.

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