Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Revival of Adam King

SJ10K Run is my first competitive run for this year and I was worried that not been be able to finish within the top 100 finishers. I have not been running competitive running for almost a year due to lack of trainings. Anyway 10K is not my pet event and this has added to my disadvantages cos I do not posses the endurance speed unlike people like Ronny, Justine,Hairul and Vincent.

A week before the race I try to train as much speed endurance as possible and on the race day just to finish top 100 will do for the sake of getting a finisher medal. According to statistic provided by Rohaizad year 2003 he finished 89 position with a time of 52min, so in that case if this year I could complete within 50min I should be among top 100 so what is the problem to me I thought.

On the actual morning I reach Justin's house to park my car but he was still zzzzzzz so I decided to park nearer to the Stadium. I met Alden the lastest PM38 and handed over his bib and Gary's and saw Ronnie and gang, we chatted and more pacesetters member came around. At 7.30am the race flagged off by Datuk Lee Hwa Beng the MP of SJ. I was stranded in the middle of the crowd so I had to run outside the pack there where I saw Ryan Teoh and shouted at him "come follow me" and he trailed me all the way until the last 1km where he "pancit".

I was too excited and nerves so I followed Tey as he was running fast and 50m ahead of me. I just hang on my pace and said to myself as long as I can see Tey I should able to finish within 100 position.So I kept pace and slowly overtaking some runners and I was overtaken by 2 runners along the race if I am not wrong.At the 4km mark I caught up with Tey and we ran side by side and as we reach the 7km mark along Jalan Tujuan Tey just relax his pace as he knew that 100 medals is within reach but I had to pace evenly to ensure I could finish the race and hopefully to receive a medal.

With 1km to go I saw Jack Toh finishing strongly followed by Ronnie, Hairul,Justin,Kenneth and few pacesetters runners. My heart was pumping hard and at the U-turn I could see more runners chasing behind me namely Louise, Kelvin Ng,Carmen and many more I said wow so competitive the people never give up . I was tired and quickly run past Carol Low and headed to the finishing line and managed to overtake one runner and saw my position 58 and time clocked 45m 23sec. I was glad that the race finally over and finished within top 100. I guess this is my season best time and after the race my fitness has somehow boosted and ready to be competitive again. I must thank Tey for pacing me.

In future races you people will see more Adam in action.

brought 2u by pm29


Tey said...

pm29 :

One more Elite bangun from East Mt !!

Well done !

Actually,kam siah for you pacing also !

Tey said...


U saw Kenny Tan ,is it ? Not Kenneth ??

Newton said...

congrats adam!