Thursday, July 28, 2005

Another Day in Para-die!

plan for easy 8 lapper for y'day, only pm21 n pm33 were there. der rest habok pon tak nampak. i guess all must be preparing for klang battle. after der 5th laps, it's was like a hell for me. suddenly got 1 "kwai low" zoom pass me wit a top speed. since i'm running for a negative split, den should be no problem for me to follow his pace. eventually he oso running at negative split, i keep follow n follow, why still kenot get close to him wan? damn! oredi achives my 8 laps, but i still not happy. coz still kenot get close to der "kwai low". so extend to 1 more lap. almost reaching to finishing line liao, den only we manage to run neck to neck. still not happy, extend lagi 1 more to achives total of 10 laps. dis time he follow me liao, hahaha!!! it's my showtime, i run as hard as i can. he follow me until der last 300m he kenot follow liao. after finish, he congratulated me. n we bocome friend!

my 10th lapper time split:

7m 35.27s
7m 29.06s > 15:04 > up 06s
7m 20.16s > 22:24 > up 09s
7m 12.28s > 29:36 > up 08s
7m 07.69s > 36:44 > up 05s
6m 53.60s > 43:38 > up 14s
6m 42.93s > 50:20 > up 11s
6m 20.65s > 56:41 > up 22s
6m 10.25s > 62:51 > up 10s
5m 39.62s > 68:31 > up 31s

brought 2u by pm1

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