Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Chen Fong Fong Melaka Race Report

Hmmm… I also wan 2 write melaka!

Let me see, start 9am fr KL to melaka, dim sum at kuchai lama, eat pau kau2 lat!
Then stop at highway stall 2 get fruit. 11.45 reach air keroh, visit bee farm and mini Malaysia kau2 lat, walk up all house until daughter dun wan 2 walk lioa kekeke.

2.30 baru cari2 makan in melaka town, end up in local stall 2 makan howker food. Turn & turn 2 find muzium and bukit cilaka, cina I mean, but all too tired to walk, cis , waste my effort!

Turn & turn 2 find muzium and bukit cilaka, cina I mean, but all too tired to walk, cis , waste my effort! Check in hotel 5pm, then tey ask 2 collect BIB fr him. After ½ hr settle room & luggage, then rush 2 mahkota 2 get BIB, turn 3 rounds again coz da road design in melaka is can see but cannot reach.

6pm go cari race start point, then 6.30 pm cari cari makan in melaka, end up makan ayam ball Waste my time only 2 cari all da teow chew stall, where wife not appreciate and dun wan 2 try.

8.30 onward walk jonker street until 10pm… go back hotel 10.30, wan 2 go to swim but pool close, gym also close, WTF!!! Dis call hotel?? So end up play with baby until 12am, then at last!!! Can go sleep… tomm coz need 2 visit zoo, corcadile farm…

Let me tell u one thing food in melaka is suck when next day evening I eat in mandin, 15k away from seremban. Although I reach there 7pm, hv 2 wait until 8pm onli get my food, 3 shop in 1 row for that restaurant! Prize also damn cheap! Rm1 for rice & tea, remain is calculate wat u order… eat until walk also need trolli to carry stomach! Reach home save at 10.30pm, wan to watch korea movie, but ½ hr later sleep unconsciously…

Hah? I suppose write da race is it? Ok ok… I in start point 6.15, try 2 finish breakfast cannot, still chatting with PM21 when gun start, half conscious dun know how I run, but do a 1hr40m in 21k, then wait 4 fren 2 tk foto, then rush bak hotel coz schedule is really TIDE!!

Tt my melaka race report… sorry ya I really cannot remember what happen in race, my mind is unconscious, u see me walk in end point also u know lah, I really blur2 , wakakaka! Dun plan 2 much if u really wan 2 race…

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