Tuesday, July 26, 2005

der_pacemaker #35

Hi every1, nice to be in this community where i can share my running passion with u all. i get to know bout u all when i visited the pacesetters official website around 6 months ago, from there i was linked to the PM website, since then i had visited the website frequently cause it's really give the most update info bout the running world. then i get to know few of the PM members, such as kelvin & ronnie. i really want to know more bout u all, so i had decided to join the PM gang.

so basically i would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, here r some of my personnal info:

name > lee weng khong ( khong )
age > 25
from > sg. besi ( nearby bkt jalil )
emploment > eon bank bhd
marital status > still available
contact > 012 9070043
pacesetters member since > may 03

ok, intro done olidi, now i'm going to start with how can i get involved in the running.

8 yrs ago when i was in the school, i olidi have the interest in the running event, i always keep track on what happening in the running world.
but my size at that time really a big matters for me to get into my favorite sports event, but i still involve in the athletic world, i was represent my school in the tug-a-war and the shot put in the interschool competation

back to 3 yrs ago, around Jan' 02, i was 22 yrs with the weight of 122kg ( almost 300 pounds ), height at 176cm, my waist that time was 46 inchs. one of the causes for me to become that size was the place that i worked at that time, i was in the bakery sector, everyday eat hot dog and bun. that time i really suffer not only with my size, movement, the way that people think & look at me and want to find a cloths that suite for me also hard. i was quiet lucky, cause my mom r the tailor, so from there my headache can reduce a little bit.

so, 1 day ( still at 3yrs ago ) evening i go to this tmn bkt jalil to jog with my friend, brandon ( same size with me ) and his father ( former marathon runner ) known as jeffry, his father really force us to run, i still can re-call the famous words that he said "even how slow r u keep on running, don't stop or walk" (which i still practicing today ). that time i really hate and try to avoid to meet jeffrey, but he still manage to get me, every evening he will force brandon to call me for jog, i really dont have any accusess for that. when time go by, after few weeks of suffering, i really can feel that, my weight really reduce, i feel fresh on myself and my difficulty of movement also less olidi.

so in order to maintain my interest on running, i started to join the competation, i had entered most of the competation in the country such as penang bridge half marathon & genting 24 hours walk. from the i started to know some of the member, most of them from permaisuri such as siah (siah leong hooi), ah fatt, kelvin. a lot more lah. cannot remember name. if c the faces i know lah day by day gone, my weight also reduce day by day. kg by kg gone.

until end of 2003, the weight that i had measured was 76 kg, in other words, i had reduced almost 46 kg, height of course still the same and my waist reduce to 33 inch ( around 13 inch). feeling at that just like i was in new chapter of my life, i can done most of the things that other people can do.

currently i still maintain at that size which i think it's quiet suitable for the people at my height. since the size not a main problem to me, so what i had to think of currently was increse my speed of running. that is one of the main reason why i going to join u all, i need some guide, advice, running partners (friends), someone who can share their experience and time comparison to get a better speed and proper way to run. nice to be in this running family. hopefully can meet u all in the future. keep in touch. keep on running.


Thanks and regards,
khong ^_*


John said...

Dear Khong,

Welcome to the PM group. Sure you'll improve in your timing in due time.

It's remarkable to note that you've reduced so much of your weight. How did you do that? Want to give a talk to PM and other PACM members?

Hope to meet you in person one day. Keep running!

pm17 said...

welcome aboard!!!!

Tey said...


Don know u know hokkien bo ? haha!

Welcome to PM gang...sure u will running is fun and more exciting !!


Penguin 2 said...

Hi ! Khong,

I have seen u quite a number of times in some of the previous races. Your running pace is fast. Anyway, nice to get to know u.

In future, I will high five to u and introduce myself as Penguin 2 when I see u again in the coming races.

Enjoy your running and keep it up to keep fit and healthy.