Sunday, July 31, 2005

Klang Bak Kut Teh 2005 - Race Report

OMG: A Klang runner who cant accept der truth dat he was beaten kau-kauly by der PM runners! A picture showing dat he has no face to to accept der truth! Why god doing dis to him, A tear by from his eye, n he keep saying... Oh God... oink! oink! oink!...

Medals #99 liao!!!
Dis is my 3rd yrs taking part der Klang Run, n 3rd time running der different route. Why cant they stick to a proper distance route? always keep changing der TNS route? Dis yrs route is der most toughest wan, it's something like cross country to horland. After der flagoff, i run as hard as i can to avoid der thick crowd. After 500m, CB Loew oledi over shot me liao. Try to follow his a$$, but oso must look around my back for Aunty Shine, Chen Fong Fong n Justin live-2-zouk.

der 2nd look!
After 3k plus, runners hv to make a u-turn up to der hilly bridge. Which i oso can see who is behind me lah. Really really pressure, Fong Fong, Justin n surprise Kenny were all running hand to hand. I think they'll juz 50m behind me, Aunty Shine were no where to been seen liao. After 5k plus, runners hv to run up to der staircase. Which is about 2 storey height, damn! manyak manyak susah lor!!!

Cinya Kut (very licin)
After up from der staircase, runners hv 2 run at least 300m of floor tiles surface. Which is oso very very sliperly, i can see all runners were reduce back thier pace. Sekali slip up, u can say bai bai.
Hill here, hill there, hill everywhere!
B4 attack der hills, look at my back again. Phew! those 3 fellas were out of my sight oledi. A bit relief lah! hehehe... this is oso der part where runners mix up wit der 7km category. So hv 2 run like zig-zag lor, up n down der hill, left n right avoid those runners. Jialat!!

After come out from der roundabout, there is 1 more hill to attack n oso der last hill. Alto i manage to potong my own category sayur, but i kenot see CB Leow oledi. Wit 300m to enter stadium, Pm26 was there to give some cheers to me. Thank u Mr. Hamsap Man!

Battle of der 3 Golden Jamban!
After crossing der finish line, i was very nervous to see whom win der battle between Justin, Fong Fong n Kenny Tan. I expect Justin der favourite to win, but it was Fong Fong der experience top seeded turn runner who turn on der table. In d end, Justin was 6 sec behind Fong Fong. Kenny 12 sec behind Justin.

I think my performance is below par, due to so many races going on. Really hv no time to rest, but still happy wit der timing lah. N der medals oso got inprovement oledi, no more as thin as Milo can liao, der new medal knock on der head oso can pensan! wakakaka...

[end of der report]

Result for Men Open 10.3km

Below 45mins:
39:28 - Khoo Yit Kiat [28th]
41:58 - Leow Choen Beng [38th]
42:33 - Ronnie See [47th]
43:13 - Isaiah Kee Tzen Chin [51st]
43:22 - Chen Fong Fong [52nd]
43:28 - Justin Lee [53rd]
43:40 - Kenny Tan [54th]

Below 50 mins:
45:53 - Adam Loh [69th]
46:27 - Alden Yap [71st]
46:47 - Aunty Shine [77th]
48:07 - Ryan Teoh [91st]
48:42 - Tan Bose [95th]
48:54 - Jantzen Tey [101st]
49:35 - Jamie Pang [145th]

Below 60 mins:
50:20 - Raymond Hee
54:47 - Jason Lim
55:** - Kenneth Teh
59:19 - Rohaizad
59:30 - Hoo Ching Tai

Men Jr Veteran 7km:
40:30 - Kenny Choo [82nd]
44:28 - Martin der Loneruner

Woman Open:
0hr 50:**s - Eng Seok Jiun [15th]
1hr 12:16s - Rachel Lee [39th]

brought 2u by pm1


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