Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Recovery Run @ KLCC wit Newton Yap PM18

I was MC on monday, due to over turbo on sunday kau-kau kopi O. There was no running for me either, my leg muscle totally sakit like shiet. So today i plan for 8 lapper at KLCC, but nid someone to pace wit me lah. Else i will be damn boring like hell, coz hv to run wit a very slow kura-kura pace. Lucky Newton n Ah Loong was there, Ah Loong only run 2 1/2 lap wit us. He was rushing back to collect hutang. So it up to me n Newton, we were going at a very confortable pace. Such as negative split, i oso feel very syok wit der pacing. Wit 1 more lap to go, i ask Newton how izzit? Can go bo? 1 last lap? He say kenot liao! So it up to me to finish it off. After finish my 8 lapper, me n Newton hv a warm down for 1 lap. So we run happily ever after. Tomolo another 8 lapper at KLCC again, there will be no speed workout for me until end of dis wks! Kam siah!!!

My time split for 10.4km
7:55.23 > 15:59s
7:56.85 > 23:56s
7:32.62 > 31:28s
7:24.64 > 38:53s
7:11.00 > 46:04s
6:55.54 > 53:00s
6:45.41 > 59:45s

Warm down wit Newton 1.3km

Total distance >> 11.7km

brought 2u by pm1

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