Wednesday, July 13, 2005

PM22's Relax Seremban Half Marathon 2005

As Seremban half marathon is one week before Melaka full marathon.Iplan to relax run and enjoy the hilly route,but I found not only merelax run,a lot of experience runners use Seremban Half to warm up forMelaka Full.

As SJ10K experience,I found that enoungh sleeping is veryimportant,but I have only 4 hrs to sleep.Woke up 3.30am,then wait forLim Kien Leong to fetch me at 4.30am,we reach Tmn Connaught CCHOOhouse,but wait so long for Kenny Choo,cause heavy rain there,lucky hecan still continue start and riding his motor,reach connaught about5.15am,lilttle late.

We reached Seremban ,still have about 30 minutes to prapre the race.Ias usual to snap foto for friends..and chat...!

But the way of flag off surprise use..cause don't have anyannouncement,we quickly press watch and start our 21km.
Last year I didn't enjoy the race,cause I lost my wallet...but foundback finally.I finished last year on this new route 2:24.

This year Seremban half,my plan is to test my pace again for moreconsistent in race,for more prepare for Melaka Full.But if resultsbetter than PR or achieve 1:45,it will be a BONUS.

I started little slow pace...cause saw many good runners ,like MasterChen,Lisar,Peter Goh,TTDI MP3 man,P1,Hasri ..I plan to keepclose with them.

But when I realised it is slower pace for me,lucky have Adam pace for me,
he bring me to overtake many friends,except forMaster Chen...until about 15km..I gave up to follow tight withAdam,cause have to save energy for Melaka full...just keep and followmy relax and normal pace.

The few hilly part,is comfortable for me,cause I believe I more trainat TTDI help me a lot.

Met with the school children walking group and traffic jam,it is causeme slower my pace,but nothing can do ,just try to tolerence with it.
Altough I didn't erase my PR ,or 1:45,but this is my best results atSeremban Half.And in a half marathon ,I got the best ever placing42..hehehe...!

Overall ,I am happy my performance..after bought siow pau and tanta,CCHOO invite us Taman Connaught famous siow latrice,chicken,duck,cai siow...vege....!!

Thanks to CCHOO be our driver and pay all everything ,patrol and tol
Last ,about Seremban half,they didn't mark the distance with correctdistance,I will try my pace not base on distance mark...cause some km,is even sub 4minutes ,some is more 8 confuse me.

I keep sub 5 minutes at 7km mark,my time is 34:57,but when time is 8:09,wah...that mean I was little slower pace in earlystage cost me can't have a better timing.
See u all at Melaka full marathon.

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