Monday, July 11, 2005

Rock Seremban Race Report 2005

der pacemakers biggest slump!
Base on der result, i think everyone did very badly in their 21km. All dis bcoz too much racing is going on, runners don't hv time for a proper training n resting. Even sleeping will affect ur running, runners need to wake up early for thier long drive to seremban. Dat oso der main cause.

medal #96 for pm1!!!
Yahoo!! 4 more medals to create history. Yet again, dis is another suffering race for me thru out der whole 11km. I manage to finish within top 20, dat why it's so pressure n suffering. Lucky i sign up for 11km instead of 21km, so next wks i hv full of energy to rock Melaka kau kau lat.

[end of my report]

pls sms or email me ur official timing n position, coz some of der runners detail are not complete. Thank you very much ya!!!

Unofficial Result Men Open 21km:
1hr 19:**s - Fong Thong Lim (5th)
1hr 33:09s - Jack Toh Wai Kuen PM14 (12th)
1hr 36:**s - CB Leow (15th)
1hr 39:**s - Khoo Yit Kiat (20th)
1hr 40:**s - Shine Teh Yee Chuan (21st)
1hr 44:**s - Chen Keat Hoong PM8 (30th)

1hr 47:58s - Eric Teo (35th)
1hr 48:12s - Adam Loh PM29 (37th)
1hr 49:42s - Tey Eng Tiong PM22 (42nd)
1hr 51:22s - Alden Yap PM38 (50th)
1hr 52:37s - Abdul Haris PM13 (56th)
1hr 57:32s - Ryan Teoh PM17 (82nd)
1hr 59:**s - Tan Chee Wee P11 (88th)
1hr 59:03s - Raymond Hee (89th)
2hr 01:**s - Kelvin Ng PM2 (**th)
2hr 02:20s - Hoo Ching Cheong (103rd)

2hr 07:12s - Yong KLCC (124th)
2hr 07:12s - Tan BoSe (125th)
2hr 07:24s - Jason Learn2Listen (126th)

2hr 17:16s - Rohaizad PM33 (165th)
2hr 17:**s - Hoo Ching Tai
2hr 24:34s - Kevin Chow PM32 (193rd)
2hr 25:54s - Lim Kien Leong

A short brief:
* Fong didnt hv a proper warm up, due to his fren late arrived. He only got his bib at 6:40am. So pity on him, else he could hv done even faster time. Last yrs he finish 3rd placing wit time of 1hr 17:41s!!!

* Jason hv another cramp again, due to over do it (PIA). Lucky he got der cramp after crossing der finishing line, else Adam n Chen don't nid to go back.

* Kevin recorded der slowest time in his 21k, due to food poisoning.

Unofficial Result Men Jr Veteran 21km:
1hr 52:17s - Howard Oh (**th)

1hr 54:**s - KC Leong P1 (62nd)
1hr 54:**s - Tan Khee Meng (63rd)
1hr 59:59s - Kenny Choo (**th)

Unofficial Result Women Open 11km:
52:53s - Jessica Tang (12th)
73:22s - Rachel Lee (23rd)

* Jessica last yrs time was 59:25 n finish 7th position, dis yrs time improving by 6:28s n still end up finish 12th position.

*Rachel Lee oso improve her timing, but placing drop. Last yrs time was 1hr 15m 31s n finish 17th position.

bruoght 2u by pm1

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Tan BoSe said...

Hi, Ronnie. Thanks for putting my time and position in your blog. However, I think my placing was 126th and Jason's 125th. But I dunno why my clocked time is shorter than his. Maybe my stopwatch is not accurate. Thanks again.