Thursday, August 04, 2005

Der_Pacemakers Point System

Over a year on, der number of Der_Pacemakers have increased to 38. To encourage der spirit of competitiveness, Der_Tulangman with der help of Der_Sweeper have both formulated a point system to track der performance of team members.

Der purpose of dis tracking is not to glorify, demean or compare anyone's performance. Instead it is hoped that dis will encourage each member to achieve greater timings. Think of it as nothing more than a little encouragement to send us on our way before each race. Der thing also about the scoring system is that you don't need to be racing every week to garner points. You can very score big points by resting more and racing well.

Please refer to der point allocation categorized by events:


- Ultramarathon x5
- Triathlon x3
- Dualthon x2
- 42km x3
- 30km x2.5
- 21km x2
- 15km x1.5
- 10km x1
- 05km x0.5


FTAAA Cross Country Run - 30/01/05

Men Open Result:
41:53 - Ronnie See @ PM1 (Pos 27th)
46:30 - Thorsten Chen @ PM8 (Pos 49th)
47:52 - Joviet Sim @ PM25
00:00 - Chin Tuck Meng @ PM24

Points: PM1=4pts PM8=3pts PM25=2pts PM24=1pt

Der_Tulangman and Der_Sweeper are now compiling the 2005 race results and will be presented to everyone once completed. Der picture will be clearer once der list is put up. Once that's done, both Der_Tulangman and Der_Sweeper will take questions, if any.

Brought to u by
Der_Dr (in collaboration with Der_Tulangman)

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