Friday, August 19, 2005

dis week hard training & der NB15k cert...

Very busy to write my own report, everyday got so many other report to post.. until i hv no time to write mine. Here r my quick update on recent workout (below).

I got my NB15k cert liao, i very upset. Some ppl got pic attach wit der cert, some dont hv. I'm der unlucky wan.. i very very angry, feel like wan to tear der cert into 100 pieces.. for those who dont hv pic attach wan, they only attach wit der %$#%$ medal pic. Der more i see der cert, der more i hate der cert. I take some of my running pic to cover der ugly part, really kenot stand it. I dont care, if anyone wan to complain to der president.. go ahead! One more thing, when i received der cert from der postman, it oredi been folded like popiah.. damn! Thanks to der postman..

I really dont understand, when i cross der finishing line. There was no wan infront or neither at der back. Why my pic was not included? I hate.. i hate.. i hate der cert!!! dont ever show me ur NB cert, else i tear ur too! uhuk! uhuk!

der sad guy

Mon - Gym

Tue - Kpg Pandan Track

Warm up 4km = 21:06

50m slow n 50m fast x 2

1000m x 4 @ 100%
3:42 / 3:43 / 3:41 / 3:38

400m x 4 @ 100%
1:22 / 1:24 / 1:20 / 1:16

Warm down > 2km > Total milage = 12.8km

Wed - KLCC

A quick steady run due to rain

7:16 / 6:59 / 6:55 / 6:42 / 6:30 = 34:24

Total milage = 6.5km

Thu - KLCC - 10th lapper

6:45 - 13:57
6:37 - 20:35
6:34 - 27:09
6:32 - 33:42
6:27 - 40:10
6:22 - 46:32
6:18 - 52:51
6:18 - 59:09
6:13 - 65:22 (season best! for der past 2 month)

Total milage = 13km

brought 2u by pm1


John said...

Who asks you to run so fast?!! Pity the cameraman for unable to take yr pix in time...and now, kena tns from you pulak ;)

Carboman said...

i'm sorry to hear about your cert. having been involved in the cert production LAST YEAR, i know that this is a very very difficult task to accomplish, even without the photo. the position/fonts have to be at the correct place. the timings over the various categories have to be verified many times. it's easy to forget that PACM is just a club relying on volunteers where the key tasks are run by volunteers who most of the time are not paid a single cent. if i got the facts right, this year's race had only 1 main photographer for the male category and 1 for the female category. if the photographers are slow at any point, either waiting for the flash or the shutter, the opportunity is lost to capture the shot. sometimes, it could be more than that eg. batteries, sudden/unanticipated distraction, official blocking the line...the possibilities are many. i'm not trying to justify the ommission of the photos as i understand that runners are naturally upset if there's no photo but hopefully the runners can also understand that the club has tried it's best and will definitely continue to do so to improve aspects of organization. it's actually amazing that they're able to provide the various positions given the fact that we don't have timing chips. many of the volunteers also hold multiple responsibilities on race day. it was also quite clear that the "photo-on-cert" concept is offered on a best effort basis and since this is only the first time this service has been tried out, some shortcomings should be anticipated.

these difficulties are often not disclosed to members or the public and one has to have volunteered before to appreciate the effort the volunteers and club had put in. which is why i've always always encouraged club members to help out sometimes rather than just participate for 2 simple objectives: 1) to give back to the sport, 2) to gain experience and appreciate the challenge of managing an event. i have volunteered my services and i know.

John said...

Aiya, Dr. Why u explained so much to him? PM1 only collects medals. For him, cert is good-to-hv but not important one. Dia manja sangatlah.

Tan BoSe said...

Sorry to hear about the cert bro. Just called back home to check on my cert, fortunately my photo is printed, but the cert has been folded terribly, thanks to the postman! And, I noticed there was a runner with similar name as mine in the junior veteran category and they totally mix up my overall position with his, sigh.......