Sunday, August 07, 2005

Larian MPAJ 2005 Race Report

Yipee.... My 100th Medals!!!
Finally my dream of achiving 100th medals has come to reality. But lot of suffering, tear, pain n joy during der tour of Malaysia races which ended today. As for today it was my worst run among der 8 consecutive race. Finally Aunty Shine has brought me down to earth. I guess i had enuf of it liao, i'm so damn tired. Very very tired. I'm not superman anymore, i kenot perform 100% all der time during der 8 races. Dis consider a big lost to me, today defeat mean i hv to work extra harder on my training not on der race. Aunty Shine is laughing non stop at der moment, I HATE DAT FCUKER!!!

[end of report]

Note: dis yrs route is extra 150m toward to finishing.

Result for Men Open 10.9km:
46:17 - Toh Wai Kuen @ PM14 [36th]
46:24 - Aunty Shine @ PM34 [37th]
46:28 - Ronnie See @ PM1 [38th]
47:32 - Isaiah Kee [43rd]
47:34 - Chong Chee Wah @ PM9 [44th]
51:41 - Ryan Teoh @ PM17 [72nd]
52:17 - Runner Number 75th [close shop]

Men Jr. Veteran:
46:30 - Tan Wah Seng [19th]
52:53 - Tan Khee Meng @ Penguin 2 [43th]
53:38 - Kelvin Ng @ PM2 [46th]

Woman Open:
55:33 - Eng Seok Juin [5th]
56:13 - Jessica Tang [7th]
64:41 - Crystal Foong [19th]
87:59 - Rachel Lee @ PM21 [37th]

Woman Veteran:
53:55 - Eng Seok Ling [4th]

56:00 - Angie Ng [9th]

PM1 Past Record:
2004 - 46:05 [46th]
2005 - 46:28 [38th]

Der most hated runner in my life, Aunty Shine!!

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