Monday, August 08, 2005

MPAJ Pictures Part II


shine: toh toh ah, do it gently ya.. dont cucuk my nipple okay..

battle of der pacemakers, pm14, pm34 n pm1 were all fighting very closely

der spirit of pia!

a few second away for tulangman 100th medals

pacemakers @ ampang famous yong tau foo
brought 2u by pm1

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Penguin 2 said...


Congratulations !!!

Finally, the 100th medal is in your hand.

May be set another target for yourself to have 100 medals for both half and full marathon as you are still young.

Keep on running and don't stop running.

I think by the time you retire from running, your name may appear in the Malaysian Guiness Book of Records for being the only Malaysian with the most number of medals won in running.