Friday, August 12, 2005

TTDI Love Nature Run 2005

Unlike last week Klang race, which I does not sleep due to support call, TTDI I was fresh and in injury free condition. However, this race was under enormous pressure, wife company trip bus take off 8.30am sharp and 7.30am already, the race supposes to start, still have no smell of it! This race I did not have to push blood flow in to head to be conscious like in Klang, which I also over heard conversation between two runner gangs, Ronnie and khoo, something like ‘… train… pace kau kau…’ think they want to compete among themselves, so have to step aside from them cause I not even can walk probably.
I was damn lucky while on the route, another two runners ‘kaki’ sandwich me and encourage me all the ways until finish line, or else I had given up in 2k mark which I had decide to walk already… so touching sop* sop* … ahem, too far away from main theme… let come back to TTDI run…

Time shown 7.30, which suppose race start time; two of fitness club member came out to demonstrate aerobic. Is it a practical joke or what? Cause it not FUNNY!
Bro, what had the running do with this type of constipation-style medication?

Cilaka! 20 minute pass and you still can’t make it to your release? Damn,I’ll be dead soon, my wife going to tear me apart… waaaaa!!!

The time flow like rocket and now few minute to 8am, my tear almost come out, I have decide to turn around and go home, but the crowd block me left and right, while try to struggle to come out, suddenly the race start, woohoo… at last da two instructor make it to toilet! What the heck, let join the run and explain to wife later.
It was a good start; coz I sweat out the cold sweat cause by the fear. The uphill does no damage to me although 2 months I did not run this route, but the problem comes in the jungle.
Let me see, I race three times in jungle including this, 2 times training… hmmm... none of them I manage to have a clear run! This time I fall and knock my right knee, the humpy dumpy quickly rub the numb leg and lucky it can move, phew* then the idiot of jungle quickly smash some leaf and let the juice stop the bleeding.
I try to walk a few step, no pain, start a slow jog, no pain, what the heck, I turn on my turbo again cause I have lost count my position.

I only see all the unusual face around, that mean I also in unusual position, so have to ‘pia’ all my strength and speed. Pass a men open participant, not familiar, another few also not familiar, then after 1k, ahhhh… there he go, the ‘kaki’ in training, plan to slow down and pace with him, but he say, still not out of danger zone. Aiyo! Have to pia again in the full force, until 500 meter to go, I can see kenny, this time sure in save zone to get the medal, YES! I can see the girl hold a big punch of it, that ‘kaki’ again play fool of me, I in 26 out of 50 medals, aiyah! Walk also can lah!
But the race not end there, after grab the medal like ribbon I run anther 100m to my wife which sit there with frustrate face, have to quickly change my outfit in road site. I get the horn and yell while doing this, so I give ‘what the heck’ hand signal only then they went off noisily, never see people change in road meh?
I got another frustrated eye from the bus driver which I was late by 3 minute, damn lucky organizer change the route to 7k which I can done in 29 minute… or else I dunno what will happen to the bus… maybe they change the tyre while waiting for me? Hmmm…

brought 2u by pm8

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