Sunday, September 04, 2005

adidas King of der Hill 2005

Gua Fever Kau-Kau Lat!
After having my ez run at klcc on friday, strait away kena cold n headache. Take 2 panadol n sleep until morning. Feeling ok abit, but body very weak n powerless.

Race Day only @ 85%!
Still not feeling very gut, lausai 3 times b4 der race. For dis run i got no target, juz wan to run n get medal will do. I was standing at der very back row, coz wanna start slow n ez. Dont wan to over pia n later lying along der road side.

der Flagoff!
After der gun shot, i was so surprise 2 c everyone ozo start very slow. I was looking forward to pace wit Adam, Ryan or Jantzen, but none of them was at my sight. Coz i oledi going very slow like kura-kura liao, never in my life going dat slow. I even follow Penguin 2 buntut for a certain distance, but still couldnt find my pacer.

Chen Fong Fong!!!
After 1k plus, so happy to c Chen Fong Fong. I think he ozo goin very slow pace, ask him to follow me. But he say he wanna die liao, ask me to go ahead. Damn! I hv 2 look for another pacer again.

Got Pacer liao!!!!
After 3k plus only i find my real pacer, I dont know his name but we hv a gut chat until finishing line. He is one of der Abdul Aziz gang, quite a fast runner too. He even told me he had a mountain climbing yday, so quite tired ozo.

Double Hill!!
Dis is der 1st time i'm racing using der double hill route, quite interesting too. Coz i c alot of runners like want to die liao, espeacially climbing up down up down on der hills. While me n dat malay fella keep slashing vegetables thru out der heart attack hill.

Finishing Line!!!
Wit 1k to go, i start to turbo liao. Potong at least 10 vegetables n cross der finishing happilly ever after. But after grab my finishing card, hv line up for der long queue to get der medal. Damn! never in my life taking such a long queue to get der medal, coz i was oredi huh hah! huh hah! huh hah! out of breath liao.

[end of report]

Men Open Result 10.7km

der Elite Zone!!
42:21 - [20] - Richard Habeya PM36
42:46 - [26] - Sean Quah
42:49 - [29] - Jack Toh PM14
42:56 - [30] - Khoo Yit Kiat PM28

Division 1 Zone:
45:30 - [52] - Ronnie See PM1
46:34 - [64] - Chen Fong Fong PM8
48:07 - [81] - Adam Loh Poh Poh PM29
48:15 - [84] - Lee Weng Kwong PM35
48:42 - [91] - Aiman Cheah
48:50 - [93] - Ryan Teoh Mei Mei PM17
49:00 - [95] - Joviet Sim PM25
49:19 - [97] - Alden Yap PM38
49:36 - [102] - Samsom

Division 2 Zone:
50:00 - [040] - Tan Khee Meng P2 (veteran cat)
50:13 - [119] - Gavin Mah
50:30 - [123] - Tan Bose PM39
51:06 - [134] - Jantzen Tey Teng Teng PM22
51:30 - [142] - Tan Chee Wee P11
51:37 - [143] - Jason Chin
52:12 - [146] - Low kim Houn
52:58 - [152] - Yong from KLCC (medals up to 150th pos)
53:39 - [158] - Gary Chan
54:00 - [168] - Ming Kiat
54:48 - [105] - kelvin Ng PM2 (Veteran Cat, n ozo last medal zone)

Division 3 Zone:
57:12 - Jason Lim P23
58:33 - Draco Ng PM37

59:55 - Hoo Ching Tai
61:22 - Lim Kien Leong (Veteran)
70:50 - Vylette Chin Tuck Meng PM24
74:58 - Julian Chan

der PM ranking points:
pm36=16 pm14=15 pm28=14 pm01=13 pm08=12 pm29=11
pm35=10 pm17=09 pm25=08 pm38=07 pm39=06 pm22=05
pm02=04 pm23=03 pm37=02 pm24=01

My 10.7km time split:
*2.7km - 09m 57.01
*4.7km - 07m 48.62 > 17m 45.63
*5.7km - 04m 00.91 > 21m 46.54
*6.7km - 05m 17.75 > 27m 04.29
*8.7km - 10m 17.63 > 37m 21.92
*9.7km - 03m 59.34 > 41m 21.26
10.7km - 04m 09.24 > 45m 30.50

Past Record:
2003 - did not take part!
2004 - 48m 04.49s [54th]
2005 - 45m 30.50s [52nd]

for more action photos, pls click der link @

After end of der event, me, ryan, jantzen, jason, adam n joviet were n having a chit chat at bkt aman mamak stall. after makan-makan den we weight our self wit der weight mesin brought by jantzen, at below u can c how light was ryan teoh. i think he can be der next tulangman liao, not me anymore. Yaaaahooooo!!!!!

der_pacemakers weight:
51.5kg - Ryan Teoh
55.5kg - Ronnie See
56.5kg - Tey Teng Teng
57.5kg - Jason learn2eat
58.0kg - Adam Loh Poh Poh
58.5kg - Joviet Sim

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...


Lu diri behind ? aiya..betul kah ? gua lagi suffer,can't go as usual...!

Anyway..sick run not easy...good spirit !!


Anonymous said...

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True runner said...

yeah ,the race was tough too many hills.kudos to all de pacemakers that made it to the finish line in time for the medal....

P-11 said...

Wah, PM1

Really salute U, sick also can perform...great spirit!