Saturday, September 24, 2005

Final Result for 1st Round Qualification

Due to overwhelming respond, we hv selected top 20 pacemakers to d 2nd Round. But dont make ur vote at der comments area anymore, look at der templete. It on ur rite side above der chatbox. Top 15 pacemakers wit der most vote qualify for d 3rd round. Der 2nd Round qualification will start from today until 30th sept. 2005. So vote for ur favourite idol at der selective spot ya. Happy Voting!!

Qualify for 2nd Round:

125 vote:
pm3 - hairul azwar

55 vote:
pm1 - ronnie see

54 vote:
pm22 - jantzen tey

52 vote:
pm5 - jamie pang

31 vote:
pm17 - ryan teoh / pm21 - rachel lee (meow2 couple)

19 vote:
pm13 - abdul haris / pm26 - ajeep (gay couple)

18 vote:
pm14 - jack toh / pm19 - justin lee (leng chai couple)

16 vote:
pm8 - chen fong fong

15 vote:
pm2 - kelvin ng

14 vote:
pm23 - jason lim / pm31 - woofy woof

13 vote:
pm38 - alden yap

12 vote:
pm39 - tan bose / pm32 - kevin / pm25 - sim (3 leg couple)

11 vote:
pm6 - thomas ng / pm29 - adam loh (buntut couple)

brought 2u by pm1


: P said...

1st vote here goes to PM3

sexy orca said...

voting PM3 d hero


voting haris PM13 x 5

N said...

voting PM1 x 5

NNN said...

sure vote pm17 la!!!

gold silver bronze medallist said...


jabatan pendaftaran negara said...

undilah PM3 x 5

chocolate bar said...

vote PM3