Monday, September 05, 2005

Makan Malam Perdana PAS Kawasan Pandan

Yupsss, you're right!!! This has got nothing to do with running. Still, Ronnie insisted me to write something about the dinner we attended last Saturday as an appreciation to his friend, Encik Nik Rasydi Nik Yusof, the Secretary of Pemuda PAS Kawasan Pandan.

Nik called Ronnie on Saturday morning, inviting him to the annual dinner of PAS Kawasan Pandan on Saturday night. Nik asked him to bring along 9 more people to the dinner. As it was another last minute invitaton, Ronnie only managed to find 5 people to join him - Rachel, Rachel's mom, Khoo, Khoo's gf and myself.

Mind you, contrary to our common perception, the PAS folks were damn so friendly!!! We were warmly greeted when we reached there. As Nik was no where to be seen when we got there, his friends led us to a table that had been reserved for us. We were told that each table costed RM400. Apparently, some rich PAS member must had bought the table but couldn't make it to the dinner. We're so lucky, yau hao fook!!!

I've attended Malay weddings, Raya open houses, etc before. But this was my first time attending a political party's annual dinner. As we were the non-Malay guests there, we were the centre of attraction. Cameras and video cameras were zoomed at us. We felt a little uneasy, but hey, the feeling was great!!! It was as if we were the VVIP there. The VVIP of the dinner was supposed to be the Mursyidul Am PAS (PAS Spiritual Leader), Dato' Nik Abd Aziz Nik Mat - the Menteri Besar of Kelantan Darul Naim. However, due to illness, he couldn't make it to the dinner. We wish him speedy recovery. Dato' Nik Abd Aziz was represented by Dato' Husam Musa, EXCO member of Kelantan State Government.

Before signing off, we would like to thank Nik again for inviting us to the dinner. It was an interesting experience for all 6 of us. We'll surely cherish the sweet memories we had there!!! See you around, Nik!!!!!

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