Thursday, September 01, 2005

PM22: My Surprise Songkhla Marathon PR !

My Songkhla marathon ran a surprise PR,it is unexepected as my preparation is not enough compare to Melaka full marathon.But due to well organise route ,good weather and run no pressure,not aim for results,plus some motivation from some running friends like pm1/pm21/pm5 and some close friends......thanks a lot to al l this reason and peoples....,very KAN EN(appreciate)...!

My preparation
I only manage got time to do a 15 laps in ttdi ,about 30km and 2 22km LSD at my hometown Labis (Johor).Plus one time Gunung Ledang before 3 weeks of Songkhla marathon.Ohters day ,I only do some light training,maximum is 10km...I worry will repeat Melaka failure due to over ,just pratice new way for myself,less mileage at last two weeks.

My race
I don't know what will happen to my perform even before or during the race,cause Songkhla ia famous with it's heat weather,therefore,I only keep my sub 6 minutes pace during first 30km,it is my target,but just worry for hit wall and cramp will come.

For the first 10km,Eric Teo didn't pace again with Yee Chooi,then he faster and pace run side by side with me,but after 10km..he add patrol,pull away from me,but I manage to keep this gap less than 500metres until 28km..he more faster..really salute his speed..cause he only ran his second full after this year KLIM which he close only for 4:30,he is dam fast.....!

For the first 14km ,the road is near seaside,it is flat and traffice is well control,surprising weather is not heat,and water station is good,even only provide water only.I just control myself,told myself ,"I am nothing,just enjoy the run...." .

Before few hundred metres reached U-turn on bridge at 1:43,I saw Kuantan Barefoot Tan Wah Sing,then follow by Penguin 2 Tan Khee Meng,Eric Teo,I estimate I just trailed behind them about 3 minutes,so it boost my confidence. Just maintain my pace and I saw a lot of Kedah Utara running club runners.

I still felt good,just pray not hit wall too fast like in Melaka,so ,even still can saw Eric,but I don't want speed up,just enjoy my current pace,it is nice to run under such good weather ,and I less training final week,it seems work ,my muscle not too tight like in Melaka.

Reached 28km,I think I behind Eric about 3 minutes,and my time ,my leg still felt good,at 30km,I began to mix magic powder with two cup of water,but I think it may too late liao...according to P2 ,he use at 20km lah..hahaha...!!

However ,my engine still survive until 37km...I start hit wall,it is bad,as I still dream to achieve my goal ,there is my first best chance ever,but what to do ?

At 37km,I still have 30 minutes to finish my final heart is exciting,will I get this oppurtunity to do sub 4 for first time ?? But I know it is not easy...due to hit wall liao....!!!

I tried to non stop pace ,drink magic powder water and use water station ice to erase my hit wall on left leg calf and thigh,but only for 38km and 39km,after that just pray hard...!!

At 39km,I cramp very bad on left calf,can't move ,can't walk or is mix feeling in my heart...I am not sad runners pass,I am sad because I can't move at all,I almost cry out, ma ah....luckily I manage relief after about 1 minutes, then just use slow pace this time,I knew that 4 hours was out of my hand....I just tried to run finish, no care the time........liao..!!

For the final 2km..I felt very very long journey to complete...especially my left leg cramp very bad..overtoke by Yee Chooi at near 41km..then he told me,AP TAN is behind me,what ? aiya...cham liao..I look back ,AP TAN is non stop running his pace,sure he will overtoke me,if I,I just tried my BEST effort to carry my cramp left leg,last 50 metres,I almost can't survive...after die hard to cross the finishning line,a lot of official saw my painfull face,try to offer help..but after stand for a while,it was ok...then penguin 2 and Eric came to congrate me...!!

Thanks everyone and appreciate everyone who gave me tips,gave me motivation sms!! My time is 4:08:16, manage to improve previous PR 4:13:21,which set at last year ING Taipei marathon.

My split time in Songkhla marathon

Thanks to C.C.HOO for arrange bus ,accomodation arrangement and FOC breakfast.Vivian(Eric's wife) for arrange accomodataion at Songkhla.Thanks everyone sharing their marathon tips...!! I am glad that my magic powder get well respone,not for sale,hahaha...I deliver to each one about 5 to 8 packs...!! See u all next year songkhla,sure,I will go again...!!

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