Sunday, October 09, 2005

der Wedding dinner of Justin Lee & Jeanne Tan

Congratulation to our Pacemaker 19 (Justin Lee Nia Seng), finally tie der knot liao. We are so greatful to be invited for his wedding dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur. To my surprise, all der pacemakers look so Leng Chai n Yau Yeng. Usualy we only see each other in running vest, but dis time all wear shirt wit tie, or some come wit jacket. But of course, Justin & Jeanne we're der most Leng Chai & Leng Looi hahahaha!!!

When come to Yam Seng, we're der most crazier. We shout wit our heart out, Yaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm Seeeeeennnnggggggg!!!!!!!!

Wat a night to remember, may der husband & wife live happily ever after.

Those we're attend his wedding dinner are:
PM1 - Ronnie See
PM2 - Kelvin Ng Ying Ying + wife
PM3 - Hairul Azwar
PM5 - Jamie Pang + wife
PM8 - Chen Fong Fong + wife
PM17 - Ryan Teoh Mei Mei
PM18 - Newton Yap
PM20 - Kenneth Teh + wife
PM21 - Rachel Lee
PM22 - Jantzen Tey Teng Teng
PM23 - Jason Lim Fah Fah
PM26 - Ajeep Rashidi + Miss PM26
PM28 - Khoo Yit Kiat
PM29 - Adam Loh Poh Poh
PM30 - John Tan + Yap Wai Mun
PM33 - Rohaizad
Julian Chan + Lisa Onn

Unable to attend is Yaziz der PM7 & PM25, due to his exam & work.

For more of der wedding photos, pls refer at Teng Teng photos album ya.

Love, der_pacemakers!

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