Friday, October 21, 2005

der_pacemakers Story Part II

PM1 - Ronnie See (Ling Ling)
The President and one of the founding members of The Pacemakers. Three words to describe this guy. Humble, friendly and helpful. Ling Ling never boast about his performances and likes to make new friends, especially those who share the same passion for running. He always puts others' interest above his own. He will always help his mates to sign up for the road races, get the tee and bibs for them and getting nothing in return.

PM21 - Rachel Lee (Mooi Mooi)
The 'First Lady' of The Pacemakers. Mooi Mooi not only supports her husband's deep passion for running, she joins him in road races too!!! Before knowing Ling Ling, she's not a runner. She only started running after knowing Ling Ling. Eversince then, she has improved by leaps and bounds. To date, she already has a considerable amount of medals in her collection. Mooi Mooi and her husband is one of the many lovely couples envied by others. Oh yeahhh!! She's the first and only Pacemaker to have emerged champion in a road race.

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