Monday, October 17, 2005

my 1st ever long run training wit coach chan

der course:
54' 48.07s - 11.5km double hill route
11' 06.68s - 2.3km loop run at lake garden
11' 02.76s - 2.3km loop 2
11' 00.70s - 2.3km loop 3
11' 04.95s - 2.3km loop 4
10' 22.42s - 2.3km loop 5

total timing : 1' 49.25s (23km)

total mileage for dis wks: 73.4km!

nothing to say, but lots of suffering!!! raining very heavily, kkc pain like hell!!!

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Wows!!11.5KM hill ran for just 54'48"s! how u do that ? do u take power gel ??? ( hehe ) ,my best record running at stadium for 25laps ( 10km ) already took 64'41", how to chase u la :(! any suggestion for better time improving ?