Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Race Result Update & Birthday Wishes 2 Me!!

Johor Singapore 2nd Link International Bridge Run

Men Open 21km:
1' 38.21 - Eric Teo [38th]
2' 02.00 - Joviet Sim PM25
2' 04.45 - Jason Lim PM23

Larian Muhibbah @ Seberang Perai

Men Open Result:
39:20 - Chen Fong Fong [13th]
40:45 - Abdul Haris [20th]

Women Open Result:
36:59 - Eng Seok Juin [2nd]

Mount Kinabalu Challenge @ Sabah
Tey Teng Teng [78th]

Birthday Wishes!!!
If want to reply 1 by 1 sure got no time ponya, so i sekali gus say Thank You in 1 shot!!

Many Thanks for all der Birthday Wishes!! Really Appreciate it!!!

Here are der list of ppl who wish me from sms, email n thru chatbox.

Thru Sms!! ***
11:10pm - Ryan Teoh (der 1st wan on monday nite)
12:00am - Siew Mooi PM21

12:06am - Elora Ong
12:14am - Germaine Ong
07:55am - Sebastian Chee
09:46am - Evelyn Ng
10:53am - Mama Lim
11:14pm - Joviet Sim Boon Haw
12:55pm - Raymond Hee
12:59pm - Justin Lee
01:55pm - Rachel Lee
02:00pm - John Tan
02:25pm - Kevin Chow
03:04pm - Rohaizad

04:27pm - Chin from Pg
07:14pm - Lee Weng Kwong
09:42pm - Jason Lim

Thru Email!! **
09:59am - Tan Khee Meng
08:57am - Aiman Cheah
03:26pm - Eng Seok Juin
04:10pm - Aunty Shine Shine
04:40pm - Nezz
05:05pm - Newton Yap

Thru Chatbox!! * (chatbox time slower by 1h 20m)
08:40am - Eng Seok Juin
08:45am - Dr Jamie
08:53am - Tan Bose
08:56am - Ajeep
09:01am - Chen Fong Fong
10:05am - Jantzen Tey
10:52am - Kenneth Teh
02:30pm - Woofy Woof
04:25pm - Newton Yap
10:06pm - Ah Loong

brought 2u by pm1


NEZZ said...

Wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.. have fun!!

aharis said...

PM1, Muhibbah run.. position <20th kot. My timing, a minute after Chen. 40.45mins

Hah!! Birthday kaa?!! How many birthday u want to celebrate??!

again.. happy birthday.

RunWitMe said...

Ronnie aka PM1,

Happy Belated Birthday.
Soli for arrive late..I'm a slow runner.. ;)

Best Regards,

P-11 said...

PM1, aiyo, late in responding...anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
Hope you did have a great day yesterday.