Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Singapore Marathon - Who's going?

In about 1.5 months' time, many runners will be making the pilgrimage down to Singapore for the Stanchart Singapore Marathon. This year will see a new main sponsor - a switch from New Balance to adidas. The event is expected to not only maintain its high standards as the premier marathon in SEA but to see some improvements as well. The expo for one will see an improvement as told by a race official.

The Malaysian runners going down will form a large contingent from various clubs but the largest will be from the Pacesetters. Many will be travelling with the club or on their own. So that those going down will know who will be making the trip, illegal or otherwise, please let Der PM Boss know by clicking on the Comments link below. We'll compile the list and publish under the Race Registration section.

One thing's for sure, it's gonna be fun and there'll be plenty of race reports and photos! Hahahahahaha!

Those going are:

Half Marathon

  1. KNN Teh @ PM20
  2. TNS Justin Lee @ PM19
  3. Cheong Shih Heng @ PM12
  4. Jessica Tang @ Chubby Bouncer
Full Marathon
  1. Jason Lim @ PM23
  2. Tan Khee Meng @ Penguin 2
  3. KC Leong @ Penguin 1
  4. Lawrence Leong
  5. Dr Jamie Pang @ PM5

Brought 2u by PM5


Tan BoSe said...

I'm going for 21km

runwitme said...

PM1, are you going to secretly take the train down for Singapore Marathon like last year? Hehe!


krunner said...

I am going for 21 km

PM25 said...

I am going for the 21K!!! Yahoo!!

engsj said...

i'm going for full!!

Eric Teo, Penguin -10 said...

Me, newly freshly "baked" Penguin-10 Eric Teo will be vying for a good timing in S'pore StanChat Marathon 42km Run.