Monday, November 28, 2005

Congratulations for another fine performance

Hi Ronnie,

Congratulations to you and Mr Chen for another fine performance.

I am happy to be physically stronger and needs to work on my stamina for the Starwalk. I finished the race with the time of 29mins 26 secs. The official time would be worse as I started off late due to haphazard reporting!

My wife's cousin finished 13th in the girls' category (F) with the time of 30mins 51secs. My student came agonisingly close for a medal finish with the 22nd place. All had started later than others. This boy has the potential to be a medal winner if he trains properly. Throughout the year, he has been constantly close to get medals. I hope he can get a break next year.

With 2 weeks of rest, I hope to end the year on a high note in walking races to motivate der pacemakers' family in walking events.

Balik kampung to prepare my brother's-in-law wedding in Johor and will be back in KL on Monday 5th Dec. All the best to those who are taking part in the Singapore Marathon.

Cheah Tiong Chap

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