Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Deepavali + My Longest Ever Long Run wit Coach!

Wah.. today business very gut lah. More than 20 plus runners turn up for der long run. So surprise to see Justin Pm19 & Kenneth Pm20 turn up for their 1st time appearance. Dis time coach add more vege + curry to der course, 11km double hill + 8.5km kenny hill + 3 loops inside der boring lake. For slow runners, they juz hv to do 1 or 2 loops will do. When i heard about der new 8.5km route added, i was so overjoy. Bcoz we dont nid to run so much inside der lake mah. By der time i run inside der lake, only cover 3 loops will do instead of 5 loops. So very very happy lor.

I dont like to run alone!
I shld hv thanks to Pm9 (Rhine Chong) who pacing wit me all der way until finishing, b4 he run solo for another 4.6km. If i run all alone, sure will be damn boring like hell. FYI, only Pm9 manage to cover 30km distance. He run 5 loops inside der lake, Waulaueh!!! As for me? 3 loops is my max liao, after all i oredi run 2hrs without stop. My longest ever long run!! I'm juz 3.6km away to hitz 30km mark. Hopefully dis sunday i can achives it lah, but 1st of all, must rest kau-kau lat lor.

der Course Split Time:
11.0km > 53'53.00
08.5km > 42'01.14 = 1' 35.54s
02.3km > 11'23.55 = 1' 47.17s
02.3km > 11'12.58 = 1' 58.30s
02.3km > 11'04.37 = 2' 09.34s

Total Distance Cover = 26.4km

Training On Hari Raya?
Coach Chan say dis thurs or friday maybe there will be another long run again, i'm not so sure lah?

Whoever wish to join der super fun adventurer hardcore suffering long run, u may contact him @ 012-2959892. Too bad i kenot join, hv to follow wife balik kampung to tampin. Ryan Teoh oso comfirm balik kampung to Penang. But we will resume back our training wit coach on sunday. Joviet Sim definately will wont miss der boat!

FYI, somebody.. probably everyone shld know about him wan. He going to break der most hardcore record ever, yupe it's true!! 33 Laps run at KLCC!!! My worry for him is, I hope he wont run until crazy will do lah. Wakakakaka!!!

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