Sunday, November 20, 2005

ING-KRI Race Report 2005

Breaking News!!
Only 4 Pacemakers gang manage to qualify for hard earn podium finish, but der biggest shock is Rachel Lee Pm21 manage squeeze into top 10 by surprise!! Congrats to all my pacemakers gang!!

Sorry Banggali - No Sub 40mins :(
I came here with high hope, but I couldnt believe it. Der route wasnt same as like year anymore.
Mean it dash my hope of getting my 1st ever sub 40mins race in 10k. And i really disappointed with my timing also. I already run with all my heart out, still der time so bad. Der last 1km i run with hot temper. There is one car about to come out from parking lot, i wave my hand ask him to stop. But he still ignore me, & reverse his car, u know lah.. it's oredi last 1km liao mah. I run with high speed turbo, very hard for me to brake. In der end, i hv to make a zig-zag move to avoid kena knock by der blardy fcuker. When i pass by his car, i smack his car kau-kau hard wit my hand. Cilaka make my hand to painful, then i continue my run. There are no marshall taking care of der area, I even kena horn by a kancil car during der 5k u-turn point . Der area is so damn tight lah *^%$#%!!!!

So so so ... Long Wait
We hv to check out at 12noon, but we got our trophy only at 11:45am. Sigh... enuf of this complain lah. I hope der organizer shld know wat to do next year. Really no eye to see!

der Split Time:
01k - 3'49.79
02k - 4'07.93 > 07'57.72
03k - 4'13.43 > 12'11.15
04k - 4'14.79 > 16'25.94
05k - 4'19.68 > 20'45.62
06k - 3'26.54 > 24'12.16
07k - 4'18.80 > 28'30.96
08k - 4'22.09 > 32'53.05
09k - 4'24.10 > 37'17.15
10k - 4'13.63 > 41'30.78

Something wrong wit der distance marker lah, somebody pls voice up!

Result Men Age 30-39:
37:** - Wong Lip Soon [champion]

41:** - CB Leow [10th]
41:30 - Ronnie See Pm1 [12th]
42:20 - Chen Fong Fong Pm8 [15th]
44:42 - Abdul Haris Pm13

45:40 - Thomas Ng Pm6
68:28 - Aiman Cheah

Result Men Age 20-29:
40:** - Jack Toh Pm14 [6th]
44:40 - Gavin Mah [9th]
45:51 - Ryan Teoh Pm17

49:21 - Sim Boon Haw Pm25
52:47 - Dinesh Kumaran

54:02 - Jason Lim Pm23

Result Women Age 20-29:
72:56 - Rachel Lee Pm21 [10th]

KRI promise result will out on der day it self, janji kosong. Whoever want to share their result with everyone, pls email, sms or send to chatbox to me ya. Thank you!!

To cut my story short, I hope next yrs event would be better pls pls.. thank you.

L-R: PM1, Flying Pig PM8, Rachel Lee PM21 & Jack Toh PM14

L-R: Jason Kill, Chen Bill & Ron Hill

Brought 2u by pm1


Tey said...

Congrate to all who get Trophy...wah lau eh...Organiser tarak control traffic baik-baik ?? No POLICE kah ? Hope future will improve..pm1..lucky u still in TOP 18 lah....!!

Congrate PM21 kau-kau...1:12,dam good liao....!! PM1 need to massage for you ah...hahaha !!

Specially came back to read this report...2moro may not come..busy ...!! Enjoy monday !!

Anonymous said...

Is that really Ron Hill ah? Ron hill very short one laaar........

krunner said...

Congratulations all. You guys and girl kick ass!

aharis said...

My timing, base on my watch when cross finish banner = 44:42mins