Monday, November 28, 2005

IOI Community Run 2005 - Report

Pain in My Heart
Whenever i think of yday race, my heart really hurt so badly. I think this gonna take me long time to heal. I was sad for der whole day, I really got no mood to write, dont ask me why. I sendiri also dont how to answer you. If only i manage to start on time, this tragedy wont happen.

i hate der organiser
i hate der rela member
i hate der far far away parking
i hate der registration area
i hate der starting point
i hate der toilet area
i hate der starting time
i hate der SAAA official
i hate der water station
i hate der person who beat me in der race

And most of all, I hate myself der most.

Men Open 5.5km Result:
22:19 - Chen Fong Fong [13th]
21:45 - Ronnie See [21st]
00:00 - Lee Weng Khong
28:22 - Draco Ng
29:26 - Aiman Cheah

Women Open 5.5km:
36:36 - Rachel Lee [25th]

Medal up to top 20th only, i miss by 1 rung.

brought 2u by tear, sad & pain


Tey said...

Take it day over liao mah..I guess I know what happen...!!

Brave to face future race...!!

Anonymous said...

If position of chen fong fong is 13th at finishing time 22:19.
Why Ronnie's position is 21st at 21:45 which is better than 22:19?

True runner said...

sorri pm1 next time u try to finish in good placing .
hope the dont organise that type of race again ... as i see it not worth to be call a run .

RunWitMe said...

Hi Ron Ron,
No need so kek sim la...Take it eazee la...Listen to Madonna...Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your last Sunday's unwanted incident.

Well! take it easy, be happy! You are a great runner. Actually, nobody can't beat your highly spirit of sportmanship.

Eventually, you will be fine in the next hard, be strong!

Boon Keat said...

Runner, take it as an experience. To make us stronger and faster.

May the force be with u.