Wednesday, November 23, 2005

KRI 10k 2005 - Report

Hi Ronnie,

I read your blog. And I know this year's race wasn't that perfect esp at the finishing line there. Because the KRI committees who create this idea, they didn't expect that the runners will come back at the time range 45m - 1hr. They missed to analyse this. Thats why it creates a long queue at the finishing line. They thought this system will create less problem than last year which they split up each category at the finishing line. But, I still prefer the way like the previous years.

During entering the results, we got few duplicate run numbers. This is because the ING people who were writting the results at the finishing line, wrote the wrong numbers and some timing were not clear.

Case about traffic. We paid the RELA, but because of the rain, they hide themselves at the shelter. Summore the can said "We've got no insurance covered, how if we got sick? Is KRI gonna pay the medical fees for us???". That's why no one stop the cars from coming inside to the finishing road there.

The result was out on the same day. Im not sure if it's published at Polo Ground because we did passed a copy to
the person in charge there as I was in the International School. And we published another copy at International School, for runners to collect their certificates. The certficates were printed at 12pm.

I hope next year I will have a chance to participate. For 6 years Im helping them as a volunteer for the 10K race. This year's medal, trophy and cert really attracted me. They trophy cost RM90++ each.

Anyway, congrats on your wife. My timing and her's about the same, if I participate also can get 1.... hehe. Im compiling the results. Later will publish in the website.



azwar said...

sian wendy ....

no need to apologize lah ...

we runners are an understanding bunch ...

.... SOME

Dinesh said...

Hmmm... now I feel much better about the whole race, and a tiny bit guilty for voicing my dissatisfaction so strongly. Thank you Wendy for enlightening us on what went wrong, and thanks for the effort to make it an event in a class of its own. Hope you will be able to participate in the coming years.

Newton said...

anybody wants to sell the kri t-shirt, pls let me know 23834314

Anonymous said...

lousy say lousy laar

Wendy said...

aik...?? i hope the food is enough...when we finished our work, left only bean curd and pao...

azwar said...



IT WAS A GOOD RACE ... eventho I didnt go :P

oso wendy, jemput datang open house aku ahad nih .... datang naik fuji bike nko pon boleh

Wendy said...

azwar, u should say that to the KRI organising committees. im just a helper, a tiny part of them.

ur open house? i would like to if i can...fuji bike 1 tayar sudah punctured, today go back and change :P

Tey said...


Don't so worry..organise a big race need a lot of cooperation from different parties.Most important is future must improve the weak point.

Altough I miss it to snap foto,but from the respone in the participation,is good liao.

Malaysia is not many good race,don't disappointed by runner's complain and suggestion,runners should appreciate that a running club organise a big 10km event oh...!

May be future ask championchip sponsor,ok kah ? What is RELA branch ah ? All said like that kah ?

Not easy to be a volunteer,Wendy u done good job liao...!!

Keep it up...!!

p/s:u know chinese bo ??

Wendy said...

yes tey, i can read mandarin. i been to ur blog before. :)

P-11 said...

Di hao, Wendy

Well, the race was quit well organized; of course, they were some unexpected & unwanted incidents happened. Hope, the main committee will look into those weak areas & improve further in next meet.

Wondering who are the ING people as I am a staff of ING? I will be happy to meet them & tell them the finishing time are wrongly recorded & inaccurate. Hahaha!

Anyway, it is over now. Keep up with those good works

Anonymous said...


loong said...

any way runners is the consumer for running event, therefore runners have the right to complaint.
if KRI takes complaint as improvement of their running event.then this is so call a GOOD step going to get growing and be mature. Argueing each other will ended up with WAR. think about it?????