Friday, November 11, 2005

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

Rain stop after 6:20pm, quickly change my cloth & head to der track. Business not so good, only Ah Wah Pm9, Ah Toh Pm14, Pua Kok Hua & Ah Sui shown up. Coach not free, but he oredi pass der menu to Pm9. I only manage to do 2km warm up, coz everyone is waiting for me to start. Want to berak oso kenot liao, so juz tahan lor until i finish der course.

400m x 16 Times @ 2:00 including resting:
1'36.38 / 1'33.95 / 1'34.79 / 1'35.45 / 1'33.96 / 1'34.64 / 1'35.26 / 1'34.63
1'35.09 / 1'35.26 / 1'35.49 / 1'35.80 / 1'35.60 / 1'34.66 / 1'35.69 / 1'33.76

To be honest, 2 mins run plus rest really not enuf lah. I breathe like cat & dog hoo hah hoo hah..

Volunteers for Triathlon Titiwangsa
Yes comfirm will be helping coach for der duty, including Rachel Lee, Ryan Teoh, Draco Ng, Ah Wah PM9, Ah Toh PM14, Siah Leong Hooi & Aiman Cheah.

brought 2u by pm1

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sam said...

hi, ronnie.
i think i saw u this morning in the kl tri but i wasn't that sure, so i didn't greet u. now u said u're a volunteer. and if u're one of the guys wearing the 100plus t-shirts, then it's u.
nice to meet you :] (words i should've said earlier)