Friday, December 09, 2005

Der_Pacemaker # 24 @ Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap

Dear Pacemakers

Please note that Chin Tuck Meng (pm24) is no longer a member of the network as he has decided to join the Penguin running group instead. In view of this, we would like to warmly welcome Aiman Cheah who would be taking the place of pm24...

Hello to everyone,

My name is Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap. I am 38 years old. Married in Dec 2003 and blessed with a daughter in Oct 2004. I am staying in Taman Sri Lempah, Old Klang Road.

My first road race was the PJ Half Marathon in 1985. My position was 1016. I could not remember the timing but I guess it was close to 21/2 hours because I was walking for about 2km towards the end of the race.

I have a strong interest in sports although I am not an outstanding sportsman. I represented my Sports House in the 1500m event in 1986 and finished 4th. That was the only time I had the opportunity to represent my house at school level.

When I studied at Lembah Pantai Teachers’ Training College, I took part in a few road races but later became a technical official with FTAAA.

After graduated, I was posted to Miri, Sarawak. My colleagues found out that I was quite a good sprinter and I became a member of their team and took part in a few 4 X 100m invitational events where our team always finished first or second.

When I continued with my B.Ed TESL in UM, a classmate asked me to accompany him in some races when we were in the final year. One of the races was the PJ Half Marathon in 1998. However, I only took part in the 10km event. I surprised myself by getting the certificate of participation, being number 73rd.

In the same year, I took part in the Malay Mail Big Walk for the first time. It was the 10km event. I was so slow yet I was disqualified by the official alleging that I ran when going downhill. I knew I did not. He was quite a young official so I guess he was not experienced enough. My friend persuaded me to take part in the event the following year. I reluctantly did to accompany him and I managed to improve. That had motivated me and I attended the walking clinic the following year.

From 2000 onwards, I was able to challenge other participants for the medal in the 20km event. I finished 15th this year and 17th last year. However, I consider my best performance in walking event is the 2nd Penang International 12-Hour Walk this year where I finished 7th with a distance of 74.382km

I am glad that my wife is supportive and my daughter does not complain having to wake up early on a Sunday to accompany me for the races. Some of my good results are:

PJ Half Marathon 2001 – Number 87th – 1hr 37 mins 25 secs
Nike Pacesetters 15km 2004 – Number 48th – 1hr 12 mins 52 secs

Besides running, I also enjoy playing badminton, squash and swimming. I also hold a 2nd Dan Taekwondo Black Belt for both ITF and WTF.

My other interest is photography and nature activities.

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welcome to the gang!

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hi,aku iskandar..ingat lagi x?