Tuesday, December 13, 2005

der_pacemakers New Year Run 2006 Update

Each runners will get a Powergel after their completing their 5th loops of running, this will help you to get extra energy to carry on to der finishing. FYI, Powergel is sponsor by our Main & Co-Sponsor. Not from Powerbar.

There will be a light breakfast for all participant, Mee Hoon Goreng, Nasi Lemak & some Kuih Kuih lah.

Whoever house got table, pls bring it to the race day ya. We need more table for drinks station, fruit station & breakfast station etc.... Pls help me!!

Arrow Signage
We will display some arrow signage in certain junction, so you wont get lost in der lake or running der wrong route. Hope this will help you lah.

I hope all der Volunteers can wear der same shirt, so ppl can easy recognise our Volunteers. Too bad we dont have enough fund to buy der shirt. My only idea is to wear der Pacesetters yellow shirt, mostly all der runners have. If those who dont have, we still can borrow right? Unless anyone have a better suggestion?

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Anonymous said...

I cannot wear Pacesetter shirt laar and I don't have one,
I wanna be a pom pom gal to cheer the runners, so will put make-up and wear ballet tight clothing to cheer and yell, can bor?