Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dyslexia Open Day Jogathon 2005

Pls bare wit me, no time to write report. Currently very buzy like hell, want to berak oso no time. Juz a quick update, Pm1 & Rachel Lee Pm21 got Champion in dis event on 4th december 2005, Ryan Teoh Mei Mei Pm17 finish runner up behind Pm1. It has been very very long time Pm1 never got champion since 1998 in Penang, in KL never b4. This was a bonus n revenge for PM1, bcoz last wks he lost wat he got now.

Teoh Mei Mei, See Ling Ling & Lee Mooi Mooi

Mei Mei & Ling Ling

Medal! Medal! Medal!

More Pictures coming soon, probably by next yrs.. wakakaka!!!

Happily brought 2u by pm1

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