Friday, December 23, 2005

Information updated for New Year Run Volunteers

Responsibility & Duty of the Volunteers:

[Check point/Timekeeper]
01 - Rachel Lee (pm21)
02 – John Tan (pm30)
03 - Justin Lee (pm19)
04 – Phyllis Kok

05 - Jantzen Tey (pm22)

06 - Draco Ng (pm37)
07 - Lim

[Water station]
08 - Rohaizad (pm33)
09 - Ajeep (pm26)
10 – Mrs. Ajeep (pm26-1)
11 – Adam Loh (pm29)

[Fruits/Food Station]
12 – Lee FY (pm21-1)
13 – Teng SL (pm21-2)
14 – Jenny Lee (pm21-3)
15 – Mrs Aiman Cheah (pm24-1)

We prefer volunteers reach der venue at 5.30am. But there will be an exception for water & Food station coz the race start at 6.30am,it is acceptable if they reach there before 6.30am.

I hope all der Volunteers can wear der same shirt, so ppl can easy recognise our Volunteers. Too bad we dont have enough fund to buy der shirt. My only idea is to wear Red colour shirt with collar or others also can, as long is Red colour. Thank you for the co-operation.

Brought to you by pm1 and pm21

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