Sunday, December 11, 2005

Live report from Penang Starwalk 2005!!

Result for Men Open Category:
1'06.00 - Aiman Cheah PM24 [28th]
1'08.00 - Ryan Teoh PM17 [DQ]

Girl Category:
1'21.09 - Elora Ong [12th]

"The officials disqualified me. If not, i would have won der 45th placing medal!!
Pek Cek!!" - Ryan Teoh

"Hei I won a medal.. number 12.. 1hr 21min 09s.. kaka unbelievable" - Elora Ong

Note: Elore Ong is my lovely niece from Penang.

Oh yes!! forget to mention something. I want to million thanks to FTAAA, especially der wear spec aunty, sorry i dont know her name. Thanks for their kindness for giving me der Circuit Running result on Men Open categories. This time i dont need to write on der paper, they give me a copy of der result each. Wahahaha really honour n greatful. I do tell der aunty about my website, she say she will visit it soon. And i do ask permission for der FTAAA logo to put on my pacemakers banner, she say go ahead. And she also ask me to help them to promote der Circuit Running & KLIM. Wakakaka.... very very happy, der FTAAA so nice to me liao!!

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