Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Singapore Marathon Fever!!

PM23's Spectacular Sub-6 Dash

I spotted Jason, PM 23 struggling his last 100 meter, gasping for breath like fish out of water. I watched anxiously (insert crossed fingers here) while the DJ counted down the final minute to sub-6. With sheer determination, Jason made a spectacular dash to the finish line despite looking like he was going to fall down anytime. He made it! Phew…that was very close. A sub-6 marathon for PM23. Congratulation!!

Caption for Pic 1: Running pass the port-a-johns make me wanna pang sai liao….

Caption for Pic 2: One more minute for sub-6, pia kau kau lat…hooh hah hooh hah!

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Tey said...

Behind PM23 got one SAFRA ,is PM23 got more motivation to pia cross finising point ??

Anyway...pm23 take care u self,don always suffer oh..marathon is enjoy...!!

Take care !!

All the best in future full marathon !!

fhlim said...


Thanks for the photos. I know who the actual identity of you.

Do visit my blog, as there are some postings from the past.