Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Volunteer Run

I was on leave yday, so hor, i take this opportunity to run at Lake Garden as part of der New Year Run event. Again I wear NB901 for der 2nd time liao, der shoe is really gut lah. It make me wanna go faster n faster u know. Der shoe is really worth of buying lah.

My timing for yday is 1hr 45min 53s for der whole 9 loops, own water station at Lap 4, 6 & 8. Actually really cinya boring lah u know, espeacially running solo. I was thinking of giving up, coz der 1st to 5th laps cinya hot, but lucky after der 5th lap getting cooler liao. So I continue until finish, Yeehah!!

Will be doing another Volunteer Run again, coz not happy wit der timing. Probably next wks lah, if i'm free. If not, der time will stick as official result. So fellas runners who will be running der New Yrs Run, time to beat is 1hr 45mins 53sec. If you want to get into top 5 position lah. Gut Luck!!

My Split Time:
11'57.18 > 0hr 24'03s
11'53.37 > 0hr 35'56s
11'50.02 > 0hr 47'46s
11'40.96 > 0hr 59'27s
11'34.12 > 1hr 11.01s
11'27.54 > 1hr 22.29s
11'19.32 > 1hr 33.48s
11'05.55 > 1hr 45.53s

Total distance cover 20.7km

Today gua still on leave leh, hehehe... Will be doing another long run at KLCC 4.30pm for 10 lappers. Pia Kau Kau Lat!!

brought 2u by pm1

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