Monday, January 09, 2006

Circuit Running 2 - Report & Pictures

Very happy to see more n more Pacemakers are involve in der Circuit Run. Eventho it was rain in der morning, but nothing can stop der spirit of der PM's. And also glad to see der Penguin's runners too, Tan Khee Meng & Tan Chee Wee. And never forget my good frens too lah, who else ah? Runwitme lah.

As usual der race started at 7.30am, reason for der delay is due to rain n some came late for der registration & reporting. This time RTM also here, star-metro reporter also here. Woah! Getting more n more publicity liao.

among der PM's in circuit run are...
Pm1, Chen Pm8, Vincent Pm10, Rachel Pm21, Jantzen Pm22, Jason Pm23, Aiman Pm24, Kenny Pm27, Kevin Pm32, Richard Pm36, Richard Pm40, SJ Eng Pm41.

der Winner's!! (Free Entry for KLIM)
Champion - Vincent Wong in Half Marathon Men Veteran Cat.
1st Runner up - Richard Habeya in Full Marathon Men Open Cat.
1st Runner up - SJ Eng in Full Marathon Women Open Cat.
3rd Runner up - Chen Fong Fong in Full Marathon Men Open Cat.

No top 3 again, smell no smoke at all. I tot i was fast, sumore better than last year timing. But stil, those elite fellas lap me twice sumore. Kanasai, I'm speechless.

This time I beat der hardcore Vincent Wong again, at der 3rd n der half loops. I oredi potong sayur him, n never dare to look back anymore. On New Yrs Run I also beat him, but he got cramp on der last loop. So it is not fair lah, as for this time I beat him wit his best out. Now baru fair mah.

My Split Time:
02.3km - 10' 23.40
04.6km - 10' 32.84 > 0h 20' 56.24
06.9km - 10' 24.68 > 0h 31' 20.92
09.2km - 10' 29.20 > 0h 41' 50.12
11.5km - 10' 28.63 > 0h 52' 18.75
13.8km - 10' 26.72 > 1h 02' 45.48
16.1km - 10' 22.61 > 1h 13' 08.09
18.4km - 10' 03.30 > 1h 23' 11.39

No matter how hard I try also, I still cant make it to der 9 loops within 90mins. So impossible to do it!

Next Circuit Run > 11th Feb 2006 (Full: 3 hrs / Half: 2 hrs)

Ronsee In Blue!

Kei Kei In White!

Men In Black!

Vincent Wong, der Veteran Champion!

brought 2u by pm1

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