Friday, January 06, 2006

der_pacemakers # 41

My name is Eng Seok Jiun. My first run is 5km run in FRIM, Kepong in year 2002. I almost forgot that this was my first road race instead of Penang Bridge Marathon. I was lucky that I won my first medal at position no. 10 and only 10 medals were giving out in this race. After this run, I did not participate in any road race until my first half marathon in Penang Bridge run 2003.

I started my training about 3 months before the Penang Bridge race. My first training was only about 15 minutes and I already felt very tire. Then, I joint my sister and her running gang and have training at Lake Garden on every Sunday. I improved a lot with the group training. I finished the run at about 2hours and won my second medal. I am very happy to achieve the run as running on the Penang Bridge is my dream.

I was planning not to participate in any road race after the Penamg Bridge run. Thanks to my sister’s advice, I continue running.

In year 2003, I stopped my road running for about 7 months due to leg injury after my first full marathon in KL. I felt very sad and down during this period for not being able to participate in all road races. However, I did no stop running even and I was only able to run about 4km each time. The only running races I joint during this period was Pacesetter’s 15km run because I registered before my leg was injured. My timing on the 15km run was terrible. I also participated in Malay Mail Big Walk as my leg had no problem with walking and I finished at 14th place. I am happy to be able to join the road races again in year 2004 and it was a fruitful year from all prizes I won. These are extra encouragement for me to continue running.

Running also allow me to know a lot of friends and sharing experiences among each others. I joint Pacesetter Club in year 2003.

I knew pacemaker group around middle of year 2004 through Tey (PM22). I am happy to be the new member of this big family with friendly and helpful family members who love to share each other’s running experiences on pacemaker’s blog through posting report and chatting.

P/S: Captain, please do not ask me to write report in future as I am so “takut” to write report lah! ;o)

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Eng Seok Jiun @ PM41


Tey said...


Well come to PM family...!!


Newton said...

welcome pm41!

True runner said...
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True runner said...


Welcome to the running family ...

John said...

Welcome, Welcome. Huan Ying, Huan Ying.

It's always good to see more female taking up sports, in particularly running.

Cant wait to see you doing 50x push-ups as part of PM Orientation. Ooops, didn't PM1 tell you b4 you joined us?!


Penguin 2 said...

Congratulations to PM family which has grown from strength to strength.

Anyway, SJ, you have made the right move by joining the big, strong, friendly and very well organized running family.

Welcome PM41 !!!

Kevin Chow PM32 said...

Welcome! Welcome! Pleasure meeting you at the New Year Run!