Thursday, January 19, 2006

Terence Leong der KL Penguin

I really got der shock of my life, when I received sms from Rachel saying Terence got a brain cancer. I was so sad after reading azwar azwar website, Terence was a great joker & blardy super friendly too. Wat Terence need now is our support, come on guys or gilrs. Cheer him up!!!

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Tey said...


Come on..u always can do it,sure can overcome this time too...!!

My ultra spirit always with u !!

Be confidence to fight !!

C-CUBE said...

I may not know Terence but as a runner myself, I wud like to take this opportunity to let him know that we are all with you.

I also knew of a friend who practises Qi Gong and said that it can heal cancer. How true it is I dont know. But according to him, they are ppl who contracted cancer, then got cured after practising it. No harm trying it out.


Boon Haw said...

Fight on friend, life is full of precious moments and important things to give up. We are all behind you.

The Lonely Runner said...

This is shocking. Didn't know this until I read wendy's blog.

Terence, will pray for ur speedy recovery. take care!

Jenny Lim said...


Very socking news, do not know until Sook Ying e-mail me. Will pray for you all the way, speedy recovery and stay strong always like me, alway think positive. Will be there to support the run.

9:19pm Jenny Lim PAC 0477