Sunday, February 12, 2006

Race Report

What : FTAAA Cross Country Run
When : Sunday, 12th Feb 2006
Where : Tapak A - Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Started : 8.00am
Distance : 8.2km
Medals : 1st to 40th placing

1st of all i want to congrats to all der Pm's who did well in Circuit Run 3, especially Richard Habeya Pm36 champion in Men's Open Category, Chen Fong Fong Pm8 3rd placing & Vincent Wong Pm10 3rd in Veteran Category. And must not forget der pia runners too, Kenny Tan Pm27, Jantzen Tey Pm22, Jason Lim Pm23, Kevin Chow Pm32, Dinesh Pm40, Aiman Cheah Pm24. You all also der best of der best ya.

Ok now back to my Cross Country update. I decided to skip der Circuit Run and focus more on Cross Country. Sumore I got injury in my knee dont wan it to get worst, so better play it safe lor. Sometime this thing kenot be too greedy want. My injury is call "ITB" I dont know wat it mean, but to my meaning is "Injury
Thru Bontut" correct boh?

Despite getting der injury, I gamble for it lah. After 500m, I feel a sharp pain in my arch area, there nothing I can do about it, juz bare der pain until finish line lor. Der most difficult part of this run is uphill, really a killer. And der most dengerous part is downhill, really go to hell want. Everytime uphill I potong sayur ppl, but come to downhill I it lost back. This ppl ah, really dont love them self wan u know, der downhill is so sliperly & dengerous lah!!! One single fall U go to Hospital liao.

Anyway to my surprise, my timing & placing is better then last year. So very happy lor, my hard training really worth of it lah. Only 3 PM's involve in this run, Fong Fong Pm8 & Loong Loong Pm37. Only me and Fong Fong manage to get der hard earn medals, but this year quality runners really drop.

Men's Open Result:
38:18 - Jeyan (15th)
39:22 - Ronnie See (19th)
41:00 - Chen Fong Fong (26th)
41:36 - William Chan (29th)
46:03 - Last Medal Position (40th)
49:04 - Draco Ng (48th)

Pm's Ranking Points:
Pm1 = 3pts, Pm8 = 2pts, Pm37 = 1pt

Cross Country Run Past Record:
2003 > 54 min 21.57 sec (31st) - 10km
2004 > 52 min 07.93 sec (31st) - 10km
2005 > 41 min 53.01 sec (27th) - 8.2km
2006 > 39 min 22.82 sec (19th) - 8.2km

Note: Year 2003 & 2004 event were held at Templer Park Rawang, and positon medals were up to top 30th placing nia. I very very der geram, both year oso miss der cut.

Next Stop : TM Forest Towerthon, Kuala Lumpur

FYI, KL Power Run 2006 forms are out, u can get it at FTAAA office located at Jalan Hang Tuah.

Happy to have hard earn cross country medal and cert.

Chen complete two days two events two medals,dream also can smiling lah !

PM1 couple MILO time.

Brought 2u by pm1

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