Sunday, March 19, 2006

der Biggest upset of der Day

What : Power Run
When : Sunday, 19th March 2006
Where : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : approx 10.7km

Some went back happily, but der most are not. Everyone thot 150th medals sub sub water, close eye oso can get, but this time not so lucky babe. This yrs quality of runners are high & solid compare to last yrs, dont know which jungle they all came from lah. Suddenly so many good runners wan hor? Yew!!

As for me leh, I dont really want to pia in this run wan. Alto 150th medals up for grap, it doesnt mean I can take it easy. My starting very der slow nia, until der drink station only I start to change gear. Cause I can see der whole stretch of Jln Duta full of vegetables. Which I think it is very dengerous, if I dont start to potong sayur lah. So from there onward, I only potong ppl, n make sure nobody potong me back. Haha!!

Der biggest upset from der Pm's is Alden, Ryan Mei Mei, Peng Peng, Rachel & Ah Ching. They come wit high hope, unfortunally luck is not on their side. I oso feel very upset for them u know!! Wat do to? Makan roti lor :-(

Pm1 Past Record for Power Run Since 2000
2000 - 47' 12.49 (60th)
2003 - 49' 11.49 (54th)
2004 - 46' 56.48 (42nd)
2005 - 46' 39.11 (31st)
2006 - 48' 01.64 (76th)

Men Open - Category A:
41:19 - Richard Habeya, Pm26 (15th)
45:09 - Puazi Ramli (42nd)

45:10 - Hamidon (43rd)
45:56 - Loke Wing Kin (54th)
46:09 - Sean Quah (55th)
47:25 - Toh Wai Kuen, Pm14 (67th)
48:01 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (76th)
48:33 - Chen Fong Fong, Pm8 (80th)
48:55 - William Chan (85th)
50:11 - Suresh Kumar (xxth)
51:08 - Chee Kai Mun (115th)
52:10 - Lee Weng Khong, Pm35 (124th)
54:21 - Alden Yap, Pm15 (158th)
54:46 - Ryan Teoh, Pm17 (159th)
56:08 - Tan Bong Seng, Pm16 (170th)
67:44 - Cheong Shih Heng, Pm12

Men Junior Veteran - Category C:
51:33 - PK Kang (39th)
56:43 - Kelvin Ng, Pm2 (81st)

Women Open - Category B:
52:52 - Eng Seok Juin Pm11 (8th)
64:01 - Jessica Tang
64:46 - Nezz
73:30 - Quek Ai Ling (45th)
83:07 - Rachel Lee, Pm21 (79th)
85:45 - Ervinna Hon, Pm31

Women Veteran - Category E:
35:24 - Eng Seok Ling (5th)

der Pm's Ranking Points:
Pm26 = 13pts, Pm14 = 12pts, Pm11 = 12pts, Pm01 = 11pts,
Pm08 = 10pts, Pm35 = 08pts, Pm15 = 07pts, Pm17 = 06pts,
Pm16 = 05pts, Pm02 = 04pts, Pm12 = 03pts, Pm21 = 02pts,
Pm31 = 1pt.

Next Stop : Saberkas RH Marathon (21km), 26th March 2006

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this year got many terbo fellows don't know came from where :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much to all PMers whom I met during the weekend. the trip to KL very much. Esp thanks to PM22 who helped me register for this race and for the photographs.
Ai Ling (Singapore)