Monday, March 20, 2006

Saberkas Transportation

Dear Frederick,

As the Big Day is about 7 days from to-day, just wanted to know whether it is justifiable for you to consider having the transport to Petra Jaya to collect Bibs on Sat. and to the Run on sunday to be stationed in Singgahsana Lodge as we have about close to 60 members staying there. You can on the other hand check the total number of Pacesetters Members staying there by calling Donald or Marina at tel: (082) 429277.

Please also let me know the Pick-up time for Sat. and Sunday!

Sonny Ng


Dear Sonny,

YES, we will have FREE shuttle bus to transport you all to collect BIBs, inspect site etc on 24 & 25 March. And also on 26 March, from 4am onwards we will also be running shuttle services.

As you are staying in Singgahsana, you would need to walk to the HARBOUR VIEW HOTEL to catch the buses. HARBOUR VIEW is very close to Singgahsana, no worries... We will be updating our website to inform of the above arrangements.

Cheers, Fred Ting
(Marketing SABERKAS RH Marathon )


Anonymous said...

Heard that CM is very excited about Seberkas race, it is days away, but he already couldn't sleep... Anyway best of luck to all..

Anonymous said...

Dear Frederick,

As most of us from KL are arriving in Kuching by afternoon on Saturday, could tour of race route start only after our arrival. Thank you.