Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wei.. Wei.. Where is my Orange ah?

PM1 Ronnie and friends.L-R:Lorna,SJ,Joey,Ameba,Phyllis,Lim,Ronnie,CM.

PM Captain aka Ronnie no lausai also can't pia to Top 20...but enjoy the race also.

PM8 pia all the way...!!

CM flying to finish the Orange run !

SJ aka pm41 easy got position 7 in Women Open.

What : Orange Run
When : Sunday, 12th March 2006
Where : der Curve - Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Distance : approx 10.5km

About der Event...
Since this run is free registration, so I got no comments lah. Overall it was a very enjoyful run, free makan, free T-shirt, free games to play, free drinks, free chocolate to eat, free goodies & free ice cream. Wat more u want to complain? kekeke....

About der Race...
It was truly high explosive turbo race, from start oredi sprint like mad cow. After 4km I only manage to potong Chen Fong Fong, wahlau this mad Fong Fong really can pia wan. Eventho 1 wks after der marathon, he still hv plenty of energy. After potong Fong2, another hard battle ahead of me. Der biggest battle is der hardcore hill, there are so many hills to tackle. Whenever there is uphill, I can potong sayur. but when come to downhill, kena potong balik. That my weekness lor.

Wit 1km left to finish, Pm21 was standing there to support n checking my position. "Quickly, u r no. 23rd" shout by Pm21. I try as hard as I could, but still kenot close der gap to top 20th placing. Anyway, I know there wasnt any chance I can get into top 20th, so i no sad lor. Coz I didnt set any target mah, hahaha!!

der Result - Men Open :
40:18 - Gavin Bong (14th)
40:53 - Pauzi Ramli (16th)
42:29 - Hamidon (19th)
42:31 - Toh Wai Kuen Pm14 (21st)
43:01 - Ronnie See Pm1 (23rd)
43:28 - (24th)
43:50 - (25th)
43:53 - (26th)
44:37 - Chen Fong Fong (27th)
45:41 - William Chan Pm24 (28th)
46:24 - (29th)
46:51 - (30th)
47:27 - (31st)
48:44 - Suresh Kumar (35th)
50:56 - Ryan Teoh Pm17 (38th)
65:03 - Cheong Shih Heng Pm12

der Result - Women Open :
50:30 - Eng Seok Juin Pm41 (7th)
53:02 - Phyllis Kok (10th)
56:29 - Blue Ameba (15th)

der Pm's Ranking Points:
Pm41 = 6pts, Pm14 = 5pts, Pm1 = 4pts, Pm8 = 3pts, Pm17 = 1pt.

Next Stop : KL Power Run, 19th March 2006

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, just would like to clarify whether this is 9km or 10.5km route. If it's 10.5k, I'm really happy. O/wise, :(.

Ronnie said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yup, there is around 10.0 to 10.5km.


Anonymous said...


I think it was a fabulous run. As u said, so many freebies...

U forgot to mention that we got so many RM3 petrol vouchers!! I was looking for u to give u the vouchers becos my hubby didnt want them. Then in the end, my prize was RM50 petrol voucher, ha ha! So my friend bought it from me becos he goes to BP. :0

So how was it running in the orange t-shirt? Hot or not?


Ronnie See @ PM1 said...

Hi Sh Tan,

Woahh!! got RM50 ringgit voucher ahh!!!

Well.. i got no comment about d t-shirt, coz it ngam-ngam fit my size. Last min manage to change it to S-size, so very happy lor. not hot at all.

u know hor, got somebody pensan during der run. I feel so guilty for not helping him, der whole kenot sleep at all.

Anonymous said...