Thursday, April 13, 2006

Breaking News for Cop Run!

As per today update, Men Open category oredi reach 1k liao! Total now is 1215 runners
and still counting. Yew!!.. this goin to be hell tough lah. Sumore only 100 medal are up for grab. Go fly kite lah...

Did u realize something or not? Power Run, Cop Run & Bomba Run. The medals are getting lesses n lesses, from 150th Power, 100th Cop & 50th for Bomba. Come on lah, u expect ppl to support like this ahh? The reason they doing so well is bcoz support from army runners, nice to see but not nice to eat. (Ho Kuar Boh Ho Chaik)

der Survival for Cop Run:
A076 - Tan Boon Seng Pm16
A081 - Toh Wai Kuen Pm14
A082 - Joviet Sim Pm25
A083 - Ryan Teoh Pm17
A084 - Chen Keat Hoong Pm8
A085 - Ronnie See Pm1
C035 - Kelvin Ng Pm2

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Anonymous said...

I could have done a new PR around KLCC trek if not for the crowded joggers during my lap. So Ron, next time when I'm there, make sure the joggers make way for me to kau-kau jia liat...hehe..(P/s: cannot cheat run on grass)

ron's der rocker's said...

Dear Tikus,

If u want to avoid der crowd, pls come at night. From 12 midnight to 6 morning no trafik jam in der park. But lot of hantu like u, so u can PR kau-kau lat!