Wednesday, April 19, 2006

der Best of Newton Yap - 1818

Finally Newton brave enuf to take der most challenging lap course of KLCC. Yday he left nothing else but der spirit of pia, which surprise him to a unbelivable time of 19 min 00.09 sec for der Best of 3 Lap Course. To his surprise, his 1st lap time was 5'56. Way way ahead of his target lap of 6'20, lucky 2nd lap he manage to stay focus but der heart almost wanted to poop out liao. Wit last lap to go, Pm1 & Pm24 manage to give him some cheer. From there on, its history liao!
Newton, Congrtas man! Wat does 1818 mean? Newton is Pm18, break his best on 18th April 2006. Dat why 1818, buy ToTo or 3 + 1D today ya! Mah Pui.. Mah Pui..

Stay tune to Newton Pm18 report at

der Best of 3 Lap Record by International Runners:
15m 25s: Khoo Yit Kiat (4th June '05)
16m 26s: Wong Lip Soon (Dec '04)
16m 27s: Jack Toh (Dec '04)
16m 30s: Ronnie See (6th April '06)
16m 45s: Vincent Wong (10th Nov '04)
17m 00s: Kenny Tan (4th June '05)
17m 09s: John Tan (14th March '05)
17m 32s: Chong Chee Wah (Dec '04)
17m 48s: Tey Eng Tiong (4th June '05)
18m 56s: Tan Lee Chin (Dec '04)
19m 00s: Newton Yap (18th April '06)
19m 17s: Jamie Pang (12th Apr '04)
20m 12s: Ajeep Rashidi (4th June '05)
20m 40s: Draco Ng (6th April '06)

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Rachel Lee said...

Congra to u...

Newton said...

Than to u....

pacemaker17 said...

Newton: Congratsss!!!

Newton said...

thanks ryan!