Wednesday, April 05, 2006

der Spirit of Pia!

It has been quite some time liao I didnt train for speed, due to 1/2 Marathon training so I more focus on endurance. Now 1/2 Marathon fever is over liao, shld start back my speed training lah. Yday plan was 5 laps time trial at KLCC, hope to better my PR of 28'07s which I did it on 18th August 2004.

Lap 1 - 5' 47.66
Feeling very good, but I feel lack of something lah. After crossing der 1st lap, I saw my timing were too slow liao. Way too far from my PR, target per lap is 5'36 (11sec slower) so tambah minyak lor.

Lap 2 - 5' 42.04 (11' 29.70)
Still feeling good, but very kan cheong to know my 2nd lap timing. After crossing der 2nd lap, damn! still very slow eventho I manage to increase pace.

Lap 3 - 5' 38.54 (17' 08.24)
Starting to feel der heat liao, my sweat coming out like waterfall all over my face. Which making my eye so painful, almost wan to langgar ppl buntot liao. Timing still not good, eventho improve 4 sec from lap 2.

Lap 4 - 5' 35.88 (22' 44.12)
My lung starting to feel der kan korness liao, der feeling like want to explode immediately. Wit my spirit of pia, I manage to dip below my target pace of 5.36. But I think it too late liao, yet I never want to give up.

Lap 5 - 5' 31.56 (28' 15.68)
Wit this my final lap, I give everything I hv. Pushing to der limit, hand up, leg open big big, taik hidung oso want to come out liao. In d end, only imporve 4 sec from der lap 4. So no PR for me lor, 8 sec away from my personal best.

Lesson to Learn:
Very regret, I shld hv start turbo in der begining. Too kiasu to push, dat why end up no breaking record. Sumore I hv Newton Pm18, Rachel Pm21 & Rohaizad Pm33 come for support, very malu to them. Dont know where to put der face. Nevermind, will do this again next wks.

Best of 5 Laps Record by International Runners:
26m 09s: Khoo Yit Kiat (4th June '05)
27m 13s: Wong Lip Soon (Dec '04)
27m 19s: Jack Toh (Dec '04)
27m 58s: Vincent Wong (10th Nov '04)
28m 06s: Justin Lee (20th Oct '04)
28m 07s: Ronnie See (18th Aug '04)
29m 09s: Chong Chee Wah (Dec '04)
29m 16s: Kenny Tan (4th June '05)
30m 55s: John Tan (1st Apr '05)
31m 21s: Adam Loh (20th June '05)
31m 52s: Tan Lee Chin (Dec '04)
33m 29s: Jamie Pang (18th Aug '04)
33m 50s: Rohaizad Norpiah (18th Aug '04)
33m 56s: Newton Yap (16th Feb '05)
34m 19s: Kenneth Teh (17th Feb '04)
38m 30s: Jason Lim (1st Feb '05)
39m 35s: Cheong Shih-Heng (17th Nov '04)


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Anonymous said...

Wahh..many of you are fast runners except hhmm..Shine Teh. I reckon he's always find excuses to cover up his poor finishing..for instance in Seberkas, he said didn't push when infact he did, but failed miserably. He is currently ranked lowest with 3 points (no offense to Rachel as she only started running)

Mr Bala

Anonymous said...

lol lol
Mr Bala-2 thumbs up for that!!
Mr Bala=G.Y.P.S.U.M

Anonymous said...

well said lolololol

I know I am slow ma, so only want to finish.



draco said...

woi, copy cat my proverb celaka u