Monday, April 17, 2006


Yeahoo... My dream come true...

Pacesetters 4 x 3km Relay
This event has bring forward to 25th June 2006, instead of 18th June.
Now everyone can fly! But der bad news is no more sponsor by adidas liao,
probably by Mizuno gua? Heard from gossip lah.

Pacestters Track Meet
Event held on 23rd July 2006, but der venue no more at Stadium Cheras liao. The new venue now is at Stadium Selayang, lagi bagus near my area :)

Pic was taken in 2005 4x3km Relay, wonder where is Justin now? Hope this pic would motivate him back to pia wit me lah. MR.LEE WHERE ARE YOU??

Info courtesy from Dr. Jamie Pang (ICI) Pm5

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